Maximise your Shopify Sales: Are TikTok Ads Worth It?

Are TikTok Ads Worth It

TikTok ads offer Shopify stores a cost-effective way to connect with a younger audience. While they can enhance your advertising strategy, understanding their nuances is crucial for success. Learn how to maximize TikTok’s potential for your eCommerce business.

Are TikTok Ads Worth it for Shopify?

TikTok ads present a prime opportunity for Shopify stores to connect with a younger, invested audience at a fraction of the cost of other platforms, such as Facebook. With TikTok ads costing around 30% less in CPM, businesses can increase their reach without spending too much money.

While TikTok ads can certainly bolster a Shopify store’s advertising strategy, it’s worth noting that they might not be the main driver of sales. Similar issues businesses encounter with Facebook ads, such as low CTR and add-to-cart rates, may persist on TikTok. However, this doesn’t mean that TikTok isn’t a viable advertising platform.

Understanding the industry benchmarks and best practices is essential to achieve maximum performance and get the most out of your advertising investment.

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The Power of TikTok for eCommerce


The Power of TikTok for eCommerce


As the world of social media continues to evolve, businesses are discovering the power of TikTok as a platform for eCommerce. With an engaged user base, including TikTok users, and unique eCommerce features, TikTok provides ample opportunities for businesses to connect with new customers and drive sales. But what sets TikTok apart from other platforms as an advantageous tool for your eCommerce strategy?

TikTok’s unique features for eCommerce

TikTok is a social media app that has made serious strides towards becoming an e-commerce powerhouse. It has achieved this through various features designed specifically for businesses to connect with customers and sell products easily. Among these features are in-app shopping, Shopify integration, and business profiles.

The TikTok Shop is a standout feature that exemplifies the platform’s commitment to social commerce. With this feature, businesses can sell their products on their TikTok profile, making it simpler for users to discover and buy items without leaving the app. Furthermore, businesses can use video shopping ads to add product links directly to their content, driving traffic to their online store and boosting sales.

Overall, TikTok’s eCommerce features offer many advantages for businesses looking to make a splash in the social commerce space. By leveraging these features, businesses can connect with their customers in new and exciting ways while improving their bottom line.

Benefits of Using TikTok Ads for Shopify

Tech Talk ads offer a powerful tool for Shopify store owners to connect with a vast and engaged audience. With over 2 billion active users visiting Tech Talk every month, your products can reach a diverse audience worldwide. There are some significant benefits to using Tiktok ads for Shopify, including the following:

✔  Wide reach: TikTok has a broad user base, making it an excellent platform for reaching a diverse audience on a global scale.

✔ High engagement: TikTok users are highly engaged, spending an average of 52 minutes daily on the platform, which gives your ads ample opportunity to grab their attention.

✔ Viral potential: TikTok algorithm can make videos go viral, which means your ads can reach millions of users quickly.

✔ Cost-effective: Compared to other advertising platforms, TikTok ads can be relatively affordable, making it a suitable option for businesses of all sizes.

✔ Authenticity: TikTok users value authenticity and creativity, making it an ideal platform for showcasing innovative and unique products.

8 steps to create your first TikTok ads


Eight steps to create your first TikTok ads


There are two methods to create campaigns for your business on the TikTok Ads Manager: a simplified version and a custom version. The custom version is intended for experienced marketers and provides more options, such as creating an ad group or using a bidding strategy.

However, the simplified version is the best option for small to medium-sized businesses. It is straightforward, easy to use, and doesn’t require technical expertise. In this tutorial, we will look at the simplified version. When you visit the TikTok ads manager, select Simplified Mode on the first page when prompted.

1. Make sure you have a business account

To use TikTok Ads Manager, you need to have a business account for the platform. Don’t worry; switching over is quick and free. In the app, head to Settings and Privacy, then Manage Account and click Switch to Business Account. Plus, you’ll get access to analytics that can help you determine the best time to post on the app and other features, like a link in your bio.

2. Turn on TikTok integration for your Shopify Store.

Consider installing the TikTok app if you own a Shopify store. With this app, you can automate ad creation and explore additional options. Furthermore, suppose you reside in certain countries. In that case, you can launch a shopping tab on your TikTok profile to enhance your online presence.

3. Open the TikTok Ads Manager

If you’re keen to manage your ads on TikTok, it’s best to do it on a desktop. Although TikTok’s app is tailored for mobile phones, you’ll want to use your TikTok business account on a computer. Head to and log in with your TikTok business credentials.

4. Set your advertising Goal. 

When using Simplified Mode in the TikTok ads manager, you’ll encounter four options to determine your campaign’s goal (or objective).

To attract potential customers to your store, select “Increase traffic.” This choice is ideal to drive traffic to your website to generate a soft lead (email capture).

If you want to grow your presence on TikTok, “Drive community interaction” is a good option. Building a community is a great way to promote your brand before a launch.

To capture information from viewers via a contact form that can be used to retarget potential customers and nurture existing fans, select “Generate customer leads.”

Finally, if you want to drive more conversions on your store’s webpage, “Get website conversions” is the way to go.

5. Select your audience

Take note of the following information. You can choose who will see your ads on the next page of your TikTok ads manager account. You may choose “Automatic audience” to let TikTok select for you or opt for the “custom audience” route by setting up your parameters.

Within the TikTok ads manager, you can select your target audience based on location, gender, age group, and language. By choosing your preferences, you can view the size of your audience with a helpful slider in the upper right corner of the page. Additionally, you can be more specific by selecting areas of interest, such as clothing, cooking, or pets.

For instance, if you want to promote your online coffee shop, you can target “coffee” as a point of interest. Similarly, if you run a skincare business, you can select “beauty.” You can also focus on users interacting with TikTok content by liking and commenting.

6. Set your budget and Schedule.

After setting up your ad, the next step is determining your daily budget. You can start with a minimum of $5 per day or $70 for the campaign’s lifetime. Then, you’ll have to decide how long you want your campaign to run for. You can run it indefinitely by selecting “No end date” and stop it later when you feel it has fulfilled its purpose.

7. Create your ad

You’ve reached the exciting part of crafting TikTok ads. On the subsequent screen within the TikTok ads manager, you can choose one of your pre-existing TikTok videos to run as a video ad or upload a new one that won’t be visible on your regular TikTok feed. Ads such as the in-feed one by Magic Spoon replicate the style and vigour of user-generated content, rendering it difficult to ignore. Additionally, you can compose a caption for your ad and incorporate a call-to-action button, such as Shop Now, with a hyperlink to your website.

8. Submit

Great job! After hitting Submit, your TikTok ad will go through a review process before being published to the world. Now that you’ve created your first ad on TikTok, it’s time to explore the platform’s impact on your business. As your ad runs, keep a close eye on your results to determine what’s working and what isn’t so you can optimise your next campaign accordingly.


TikTok ads can be a valuable addition to your Shopify store’s marketing strategy, offering a cost-effective way to reach a diverse and engaged audience. By understanding TikTok’s unique features and following best practices, you can effectively leverage the platform to drive sales and enhance your overall eCommerce performance.

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