What Is Digital Advertising? Important types of Digital advertising you must know…

Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising

A company or brand uses digital advertising, promotion, and communication techniques in a digital environment. The internet offers many different channels and platforms to reach potential target groups. Additionally, one of the differentiators of digital advertising versus offline advertising is its ability to reach an actual audience of people interested in your service or product.

Examples of digital advertising are banners placed on various websites or applications representing the oldest form of digital advertising. Millions of users see ads on social media every day. Or audiovisual and visual ads found on YouTube videos or favorite podcast episodes.

The 8 Types of Digital Advertising

There are many types of digital advertising, but we can mainly divide these formats into eight major categories:

1. Native Advertising

Includes local advertising in the published content or platform without interrupting navigation. This type of digital advertising gives you free control over all your creativity. These ads can add surprise, surprise, and value to your target audience – all as part of a seamless user experience. Local advertising is often referred to as “counter-advertising.”

Given the increasing use of blockchain advertising, the answer is not to limit its use by forcing users to consume our ads – respect their freedom of choice and use local advertising to serve content they want to reach.

2. Email Marketing

The market provides many high-quality databases in different sections as a first step in creating email marketing campaigns. But the possibilities of this form go further the more fragmented the audience. Effective email marketing campaigns use content to entice users to download an e-book or white paper by creating a database of topics of interest.

As your database grows, you can divide it into more specialized groups and target targeted email campaigns. The goal is to get inbox at the right time and with the right message for the best impact.

3. Social Ads

Social media ads are one of the most exciting types of digital advertising because they have millions of users and allow you to segment your target audience. Use social media advertising to maximize your presence on these platforms using the various features and options:

  • Facebook Ads: Thanks to Power Editor, Facebook Ads is a feature-rich tool. To get the most of it, consider what you want to achieve with your campaign: increase your post audience? Improve the brand? Are you getting conversions on your website? Choose the type of advertising that best suits your goals, and don’t forget to measure and optimize the results.
  • Twitter advertising: Twitter advertising is always surprised with new possibilities. The conversion increase tool was recently released, which allows you to test multiple campaigns and adjust your budget to focus on the methods that work best.
  • Instagram Ads: Even the most visual social network relies on advertising. Over the past year, Instagram expanded its sponsorship content and continues to innovate.

4. Display Advertising

Display Advertising is any visual material we may place on websites, portals, blogs, etc. Such as banners, pop-ups, and parentheses. While this form impacts the development of ad-blocking programs, I believe there are still many possibilities, especially when it comes to remarketing options. But the answer is not to cross the blocks to get the user to enter but to create ads worth seeing.

5. Remarketing

This type of advertising takes it a step further with online visualization, which uses data from intelligent websites to display personalized advertisements to users. Remarketing uses consumer information collected through cookies to show them more relevant ads to their recent activity.

For example, if a consumer placed a product in an online shopping cart but did not purchase it, we can use remarketing to remind them of the product and encourage them to buy. This allows us to create highly relevant and timely ads, increasing our chances of success.

6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM creates search engine advertising campaigns by clicking on text ads located on search engines such as Google or Bing. This is one of the most common types of digital advertising when creating written advertising. The key to its success is that it meets users’ needs because it is based on the keywords they are looking for.

To increase the effectiveness of SEM campaigns, Google Ads offers the ability to create ad campaigns on search engines and targeted ads. For example, we can only show ads to people who have visited a particular page on our site in the last 30 days. Can you think of all the ways to convert?

7. Mobile Ads

All types of digital advertising should be considered for mobile devices. Most consumers only have one device and spend most of their time browsing. In fact, according to Google, searches are much more common on mobile devices than on computers.

So instead of personalizing your web campaigns on your mobile device, it’s time to put your mobile-first. If the page doesn’t have a mobile website, Google won’t index the page. This should show you that the cell phone is essential.

8. Online Video

Videos are very effective because they have better CTRs than traditional ads and make it easier to promote a campaign. It is a form growing in popularity and should no longer be limited to desktop campaigns thanks to the speed of connections and the increasing size of mobile screens.

The biggest hurdle for videos is the rejection of pre-video formats (another ad that often blocks ad blockers). To overcome this, rely on YouTube users and native video ads and see how your marketing plan works


The two companies are not the same, and each company’s marketing is always different. I hope this has helped you better understand the different types of digital marketing and how each genre can benefit you and your business. The world of digital advertising is full of creativity and endless possibilities.

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  1. Great read regarding an overview of digital advertising as well as its benefits for continued business success. Thanks for this.

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