What is Twitter Spaces? Use audio to make your Twitter chats more Engaging.

What is Twitter Spaces Use audio to make your Twitter chats more Engaging

While photos used to predominate social media (and still do), audio has gained popularity in recent years. When the invite-only social audio app Clubhouse debuted in 2020, it generated a lot of attention.

The social media platform recently developed Twitter Spaces to enable real-time audio discussions. In this article, we’ll examine it more closely at Twitter Spaces, including what it is, why you should use it, and some practical applications for your business. Let’s get going.

What is Twitter Spaces?

Users may now hold live audio discussions on the network thanks to Twitter Spaces. These talks can be started by users and joined by other users in an audio chat room called a “Space.” A purple bubble will appear at the top of your timeline while someone you follow is hosting a space or participating as a speaker.

Users with more than 600 followers may start, Host, and engage in audio chat rooms using the Twitter Spaces feature in the Twitter app, which works similarly to chat rooms on the social media network Clubhouse.

Additionally, Twitter Spaces is accessible to everyone. Thus, anybody may sign up as a Listener. A Space may accommodate up to 13 speakers, including the Host and two co-hosts.



Twitter Spaces: Why use them?

Right now, active conversations are taking place. The nicest thing is that users are no longer restricted to 280 characters for their opinions. They are free to talk for as long as they desire, and other speakers in the Space will respond to them in real-time.

This makes talks more lively and inspires individuals to engage in candid communication. A feature like Spaces aids users in forging closer ties with their consumers. So it’s a terrific method for companies to interact with their clients, especially now that more people are using Twitter.

How to start or Use Twitter Spaces

Currently, only Android or iOS apps may launch a Twitter Space. You may still sign up as a Listener even though there isn’t (yet) a way to start one through the online version.

There are two ways for Hosts to launch a Space on Twitter:

    • Select the icon for new Spaces by pressing and holding the “Compose” button. This will seem like several diamond-shaped circles.
    • Tap on your profile photo at the top of your timeline to get to it. After that, scroll to the right and press the button to create a new Space.

You may start setting up your Space in the following stages before going live.

1. Name your Space

Give your Space a name that pertains to the dialogue that will be taking place. If you want to continue the discourse after the event has concluded, you may give Space a hashtag. Alternatively, you might use the hashtag to gather followers’ questions before the event, then live-answer them in a Space.

2. Create captions and permissions

Twitter will request your agreement when you first use Spaces so that their speech may be captioned in real-time. Users who are hard of hearing or deaf will find your Space more accessible thanks to transcriptions. In the future, Twitter intends to make the Spaces screen reader-friendly.



3. Invite speakers

There are a few methods to invite others to participate in the conversation as a Speaker or a Listener after you have established a Space as the Host. There are a few other options, one of which is to “get more people to join,” in the lower right corner. This appears to be a little upward-pointing arrow.

By using this button, you may choose whether you want to:

    • Speakers are invited through DM
    • Tweet about your Space so that your followers may join.
    • To share the URL for your Space elsewhere, copy it.

Twitter allows you to include up to 12 Speakers in your Space, including the host, up to two Co-hosts, and ten Speakers. You can set limitations on who can talk in your Space. However, anybody can file a request.

You have the choice to as the Host:

    • Give everyone a chance to speak. This entails that anybody can submit a request to speak. However, they are not required to do so all at once.
    • Only let those who you follow the talk.
    • Just let those who you invited talk.

4. Change or remove the speakers

You can tap one of your present speakers to revoke someone else’s speaking rights if more than ten people wish to talk. You can then reduce the number of prospective speakers or increase their number.

If you’re hosting a lengthy chat and want a variety of listeners to participate in the debate, this can be extremely useful. Additionally, Twitter enables Space creators to report or block speakers if they say or do something inappropriate, if the topic veers off course or if someone says something unexpected.

This can assist moderators in fostering a climate of safety and respect for all viewers and participants.

5. Close the Area

Only the person who created a Twitter Space can terminate it. All you need to do to end a Space you established is hit the End symbol.

6. Download the data for your Space

Twitter claims that the social media platform keeps information on the Space, including recordings and transcriptions, for up to 30 days following the event in case there were any policy infringements.

Speakers can obtain audio transcriptions, but space makers can only view and retrieve that material 30 days after hosting. For those who cannot talk, spaces are transient, and interactions immediately terminate and vanish from the app.

Speakers can obtain audio transcriptions, but space makers can only view and retrieve that material 30 days after hosting. For those who cannot talk, spaces are transient, and interactions immediately terminate and vanish from the app.



How organizations can benefit from using Twitter Spaces

How organizations can benefit from using Twitter Spaces

The use of Spaces will assist firms that are currently using Twitter to build brand communities to scale their activities. Here are some strategies for utilizing Twitter Spaces to your organization’s advantage:

1. Share business news or announcements

Create a space to post information regarding new or updated items, policies, features, and other things. This is a fantastic approach to keep your followers informed and interested in your business.

To provide community updates, the Twitter Spaces team has begun hosting Spaces.

2. Organize debates about current business issues

You may increase your authority in the field by leading debates on current issues. This might contain opinions, prognoses for the future, and advice on the subject. Invite influential people from the business to speak at your event to increase your Space’s awareness.

You may even invite up to two Co-hosts into your Space on Twitter, allowing you to co-host with influencers. Remember that Co-hosts can handle requests, invite speakers, eject participants, and pin Tweets.

Co-hosts will count toward your speaking capacity, so keep that in mind. Once more, there are 13 people, including you, with two Co-hosts and 10 Speakers.

3. Develop your brand’s following

You have the ideal platform with Twitter Spaces to connect with and engage with your followers in real-time. Your audience will have the chance to interact with your brand by attending a Space you host.

This may involve discussions on customer service, real-time question-and-answer forums, feedback sessions, and more.

4. What to expect from Twitter Spaces in future

To make the Spaces feature even more useful for both companies and individual users, Twitter is continually improving. You may anticipate seeing the following improvements and changes shortly:

5. Ticketed Spaces

The ability for presenters to create Ticketed Spaces, where listeners may access the dialogues only, is something Twitter is trying. You will have the opportunity to designate Spaces with a finite number of seats and charge a fee for participation once this functionality is operational.

Twitter Spaces is experimenting with ticketed spaces since they realized the need to commercialize Spaces.

6. Setting reminders and scheduling spaces

Additionally, hosts will have the choice to reserve a Space at a later time. Additionally, you may sign up to receive notifications when it is about to begin, so you won’t need to set your alarm. The same is valid for those who follow us. When people see your Tweet promoting the Space, they may set a reminder.



Use audio to make your Twitter chats.

Without question, Twitter Spaces will pave the path for genuine participation with its capacity to host live audio chats. This function is still relatively new, so now is the ideal moment to use it to your advantage. Be sure to start including it in your arsenal of Twitter marketing tools.

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