Why did Elon Musk decide to buy Twitter & what is the future of Twitter?

Why did Elon Musk decide to buy Twitter & what is the future of Twitter

Elon Musk is proudly taking over the social media crazy and most popular platform in October 2022, right after a six-month-long crazy rollercoaster ride, with a clear vision and dream. Along with this, there is a number of operational and technical modifications, updates, and changes that are going to be introduced super soon.

Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter because he wants to bring a big change in the world of social media. A real war of platforms is going crazier with each passing day. He stated that he is having various innovative ideas in his mind, and planning to convert the vision onto reality.

The main aim to buy this network is, “he just wants to make Twitter to be maximum amazing.” Twitter is definitely going to get some interesting updates.

This platform is going to have various new features, updates, and modifications that will make it more demanding and promising. This will definitely make Twitter stand out as a real game-changer in the world of social media.

Musk tweeted that his main vision to acquire Twitter is, “he believes that it is a pretty important platform for the future of civilization to have a very common digital town square, where a big range of ideas, technology, and beliefs can be discussed and debated in a very professional and healthy manner, without any kind of violence.”


Elon Musk’s future mentioned that both traditional and social media had positively driven polarization and that he wants to restore “dialogue” on this amazing platform.

Here are some facts that will let you know why Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter and how Twitter could change the social world and what is going to be the future of Twitter.

Why did Elon Musk want to buy Twitter?

Several times Elon Musk had publically and openly discussed major goals that he set as the motivation behind buying this platform. His main target to buy this network was to make Twitter a free space that can be counted as a “public space,” in order to positively protect civilization and democracy.


As per a secrete source, it has been concluded that Elon was a bit unhappy with bit critical of Twitter’s move to ban some dominant accounts, such as the official account of former US President Donald Trump, and some reports highlight that Musk might be going to restore Trump’s Twitter account soon.

Musk believes that Twitter plays a major role as an accessible and common digital public square. This is the only social online site where people are capable of freely discussing and debating various ideas without “creating any violence”.

Twitter will become a free-speech platform:

Musk regularly conveys multiple messages about why he really wants to buy Twitter that he dreams to make it a very open digital town square that is going to be filled with creative and smart ideas, without any kind of intervention.

Twitter will become a free-speech platform

Elon is going to allow users to smoothly pass their words and say anything they want to discuss on the platform, as long as it’s legal and doesn’t create any kind of violence and unpleasant condition.

He believes that it is pretty much important to have a platform that entirely allows free speech and provides space to communicate freely, he discussed this idea at a Twitter employee meeting that was held in June.

However, things are still hidden and secrete that how this will work, how much freedom will be given to everyone, and what will be the rules and regulations regarding this feature.



Say no to “bots”:

Musk is much excited to properly fix Twitter’s “bots” issue. He means that the prevalence of various accounts that post some sort of spam or inauthentic content just like crypto can easily get-rich-quick-schemes and multiple phishing scams.

Bots are considered the most dominating and known issue on Twitter. In addition to this, the company has highlighted that they will represent less than 5% of all active accounts. Musk has said he thinks that number is much higher, around 20 percent or more, and used that as his legal basis for initially backing out of the deal.

Some external sources have shown that while the overall prevalence of bots on Twitter might actually be around or less than 5%, the possible reach of these bots in the entire conversation can be outsized, at a maximum limit of around 20%.

After successfully restoring Trump’s account the main next target will be getting rid of bots. This is going to be Elon’s less considered and controversial plan because it’s a bit hard to find people who really love bots.

Very rude and ironically, Elon Musk also added that one of the reasons he was buying Twitter was to get rid of bots, he made the existence of bots that, “the basis for his main case is to smoothly try to get out of the Twitter deal, discussing, arguing that the company is not going to disclose the full extent and plan to tackle with this issue.

Doesn’t matter whether you really like it or not, bots are now another goal and Elon’s vision to work on.

Make Twitter a “Superapp”:

Elon Musk’s other goal is to make Twitter a “Superapp”. He is planning to fulfill Twitter’s true potential by making it a lot more than just a simple social media app. The vision is to turn it into a crazy “superapp.” The existing Superapp is China’s designed WeChat application.

Make Twitter a “Superapp

This amazing app is positively used by a number of users in order to do everything from paying their debts, and bills to quickly ordering possible takeout to calling and to messaging their friends.

You actually live on WeChat in China because it is way more useful and very helpful in your daily life. Elon’s vision is to achieve this goal in order to make Twitter a very user-friendly and smart app that offers almost every feature that people might look for. This achievement is going to be a huge success for Elon.

This is to date one of Musk’s most focused and ambitious plans and the very closest thing he has to consider to facilitate every individual and business professional. Right now, around 91% of Twitter’s annual revenue is positively made through various marketing and advertising.



Musk wants to make Twitter a bit less advertising-dependent and positively make way more money with every subscription (which Twitter is already doing), and potentially, make a handsome amount through these special superapp transactions.

Musk is going to face tough competition as there are some other competitor application leaders who have started working on the same vision and target.

If there is just a single thing that we might know by now in positively following the Elon Twitter deal. It is what Musk says he is going to definitely do and this can be much different from what he really ends up doing. But in the upcoming months, almost all Twitter employees and Twitter active users should be well-prepared for the coming turbulent times.

He is definitely going to make it “superapp” which will be known as “X”.

New leadership will be appointed:

Another twist in the game is, Elon is going to hire new staff and will replace some employees. He wants to hire a whole new staff who is going to have the potential to make this app work as per the plan. Elon Musk was found unhappy and angry because of some employees and thus he decided to fire them and hire new staff who will be able to convert his vision into reality.

It’s pretty much important to have a good understanding with employees and Elon was not happy with the previous staff and thought to replace them without wasting much time.

Final thought:

Twitter is going to be a real game-changer platform in the social media world. Elon came with a proper plan and clear vision. He is much excited to bring a number of changes to the entire system and make this app the most popular and accessible.

However, the goal starts by restoring some professional accounts and changing the team. Let’s see how this roller-coaster will move in the coming days and what exciting things will come out.

Fingers are crossed and eyes are broad-open to see what’s coming next in the Twitter world.

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