What is Email Marketing? Is it Important for your Business?

What is Email Marketing?

When it comes to marketing, email marketing is one of the essential tools in digital marketing. You know, of course, that email marketing is not just a tool. Email is very different from what you usually send to friends and relatives when it comes to marketing. The newsletters and other marketing campaigns contain promotional material and incentives for action (CTA). The CTA is one of the defining features of email marketing.

These emails have been carefully crafted to encourage executives and customers to take a specific action. Often, prompt action emails encourage a recipient to see content on your site, take advantage of an offer, or sign up for an event or service.

Let’s face it. Email marketing is a powerful and influential way to connect with people. When you return home, think about your experience. Email is an integral part of our lives’ huge piece. Email marketing is also a very confidential manner to reach your target customers.

Messages from friends and family are displayed along with updates to your work emails. This is why email marketing works best when personalized. Emails can be tailored to customer actions, so all communications are aligned with their interests.



Is Email Marketing Important for your Business

” More than 34% of the world’s people use email. That’s about 2.5 billion people. It’s expected to reach 2.8 billion email users over the next two years, even considering the world sends about 196 billion emails every day. Of those 196 billion emails, most of the 109 billion are corporate emails”.

However, do you think email marketing is not for your business? Let’s give you why email marketing is a channel you should not ignore.

Importance of email marketing for your Business?

Top 10 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for Business  

1. Stay in contact with your audience

Customer emails may be updated. They can check their emails whenever they see fit. This can reassure them that you are thinking of them. This email can be so simple: “Hey, we think of you, this is a special offer!” or “Here’s an update on what’s happened in recent weeks.” People who sign up for your mailing list have already signed up to receive these notes. This way, they can appreciate these emails (if you give them something worth reading) and increase customer loyalty.

2. Reach customers in real-time

According to litmus, 54% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. This is important and should have a bearing on the design of any marketing strategy. More and more consumers use mobile devices to access email and other media and data. In addition, well-designed emails generate higher conversion rates on a mobile device than any other medium. Meet her on the go!

3. People engage with emails

An email has been a form of communication for a long time, over 40 years. Over the years, email has quickly become one of our best communication options. We are all prepared to respond to emails in one way or another. Whether you’re replying, forwarding, clicking something else embedded in the email, deleting, buying something, or subscribing. We usually do something by email. With that in mind, you can use email to direct people to your website, pick up the phone and call you, or provide other suggestions for action. 



4. It’s affordable

Yes, we know you’re waiting for us to take care of it. With less than a penny per message, you can reach many consumers. The cost per conversion is (possibly) low in email marketing, and I can’t believe not all companies are participating or trading more often.

5. Allows for targeted messaging

Now, let’s talk about the importance of email marketing in lead generation, sometimes referred to as email marketing. The key idea here is that your prospects are at different buying cycle stages. Some may be in the testing phase, some in the research and comparison phase, and others in the marketing phase. By creating niche shoppers, you can determine the type of content you make for each stage.

6. Increase brand awareness

No, social media isn’t the only platform that helps brand recognition. A customer or potential email address means one thing – they’ve shown some level of interest in your business. Email marketing allows you to increase this interest, this recognition for your brand, while always remaining vigilant.

7. Everyone (almost) uses email

According to a Hubspot survey, 91% of consumers use email. That in itself should be enough to get you exploring the tool. Unless your industry makes up the remaining 9% (hint: it’s not the same thing), email is an incredible opportunity to connect with customers.

Not only can you give them discounts, special offers, new products, and more, but they can also share and forward those emails to anyone they want. Encouraging customers to share offers as often is a good email marketing strategy. Remember the brand awareness?

8. Action Oriented

Whether you understand it or not, everyone is trained to do something with an email reply, forward, click, sign up, or even purchase outright.



9. Mobile devices allow people to check their email constantly

Because mobile devices have become so popular, people are constantly checking their email – online at Starbucks, on the way to the office, in the doctor’s waiting room, grocery store, everywhere.

10. Email marketing has a higher ROI.

Given email’s unparalleled ability to increase conversions, it only makes sense that email is the most effective marketing method to drive ROI for your business. Email marketing generates an average ROI of 3,800% for companies, and for every dollar spent on email marketing, the average ROI is $38. From these statistics, it’s clear that email is a lucrative channel for marketers, but why. Better than other channels in terms of return on investment?

It’s about delivering very personal and relevant messages. Unlike social media, where you send status updates to all subscribers, email allows you to over-target your communications regardless of location, interests, and purchase history.

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