Top 9 ways to increase traffic with Email Marketing

Top 9 ways to increase traffic with Email Marketing

It’s the bread and butter of your business, but it can also be the bane of your existence.

Email marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to reach current and potential customers. After all, the main reason most marketers send emails is to convince their potential customers to buy their product or service and convert them into customers. Getting it right can take your business to the next level and generate a solid return on investment. Additionally, email marketing campaigns can be used effectively to increase website traffic and increase subscriber engagement with your brand.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an online business strategy that sends targeted messages (emails) to existing subscribers (market segments) or lists of potential customers. You can tell them about new products or services they can try/buy or build a relationship with them to pique their interest.

Marketers use these emails to solicit sales, donate money, and even send ads to targeted audiences. The primary goals are to build brand awareness, customer trust and loyalty and increase customer base and purchasing habits.

However, an email list is essential for this marketing campaign to be effective and successful. In addition, marketers must have a creative way of crafting promotional emails that capture the target audience’s attention and deliver the message.

While this may seem like a simple marketing strategy, many factors must be considered to succeed. People must be creative enough to get the most out of their mailing lists. Here are some tips and tricks on email marketing to drive more traffic to your business and generate more sales and profits.



1. Encourage people to subscribe to promotional emails:

The first step in email marketing is collecting interested prospects’ email addresses. Collecting actionable and reliable email addresses to use in marketing campaigns is one of the most difficult tasks for a marketer.

2. Tell subscribers what to expect:


Tell subscribers what to expect from email marketing


Most people focus too much on getting a prospect’s email address without knowing what to expect. One of the basic principles of email marketing is to tell your subscribers why you need their email addresses. No one will give you their email address without a good reason.

Letting these subscribers know what to expect from you can give them peace of mind. This means they are more likely to open and read your promotional email. However, you must be careful not to send too many emails, as some viewers may get upset and hit the “unsubscribe” button. You can easily manage it by looking at your statistics. Your engagement (clicks, responses) will tell you when to segment your email frequency.

3. Make the emails scannable:

Most people are too busy to read long lines of text, so keep your emails short and to the point. Ensure readers can scan the email at a glance and understand the idea behind the text without reading the text. (Note: This will vary by market. For example, if you’re an educational institution, it would be better to have more details.)

Adding graphic images and captions can help readers understand your emails faster, saving you time. You should also include a call-to-action link so that interested customers can easily click to purchase or place an order.

4. Use mobile-friendly emails:


Use mobile-friendly emails


Today, many people use their smartphones, tablets, iPads, and other portable devices to browse the Internet and access their email.

For this reason, you should ensure that any promotional email you send is mobile-friendly and easy to read on limited screen sizes. Many portable devices use built-in messaging apps to send messages to users, which is another reason you need to ensure that text can be read across multiple platforms and messaging apps.

If everyone in your target audience on your mailing list can easily open and read emails, you can be sure that most of them will order and log in to your company’s website. I will do too.

5. Use video email marketing:

Video email marketing is the latest in marketing. As mentioned above, most of us lead busy lives and rarely have time to read long texts in emails. However, using a high-quality informational and promotional video clip as the main message can reduce playback by a few seconds.

However, you want to ensure that the video is of good quality and lightweight so that it loads quickly, even in messaging programs. HTML5 video clips are most recommended as they load quickly, even on slow networks. It is also recommended to display the video player graphic with a smiley face and a link to the original video on your landing page.

Audio-visual content generates more conversions than written content because it is easy to understand: it takes less than 15 seconds to convey the required information. The best part is that most smartphones, tablets and iPads support 3G and 4G networks, which means watching these videos on these devices is a breeze and provides a smooth viewing experience. Does.



6. Send personalized emails:

Loyal and potential customers will appreciate you sending them personalized emails tailored to their needs. This means that you should categorize your mailing list according to the preferences and needs of your customers. This ensures that recipients receive emails tailored to their needs and emails they may consider “spam”.

It will be even more beneficial to offer personalized advice to your customers for better one-to-one communication. Although sending personalized emails may take time, your business or website should see at least a 25% conversion rate and more traffic from your website. The ROI of sending personalized emails is much higher than sending one message to thousands of recipients.

If you are using dynamic event responses and email clicks, you can make it work like this.

7. Ensure the landing page is properly optimized:

While investing in a promising and effective email marketing campaign is advisable, it is important to ensure that your company’s landing pages are properly optimized. Most businesses lose high-value leads simply because their website is not displayed or optimized (high-value news, offers and loading speed).

To get more return visits (and to get potential customers to refer their friends to your site), it’s a good idea to make sure your business website is well-designed and well-designed. The website should be very easy to use and navigate. A beautiful, informative, and user-friendly website attracts more visitors than an unresponsive site. Tools like LeadPages and InBounce can help start this process.

8. Automate post-purchase messages:


Automate post-purchase messages


A strong website, positive customer experience, and effective email marketing campaigns create a strong foundation for your business and engagement marketing. However, you should not take your customers for granted, whether they are one-time or loyal.

Offer them special and attractive offers to encourage them to make more purchases and even refer their friends to your site. Taking the time to thank them after purchase (via a personalized automated message) can boost their morale. This leads to more return visits, more traffic, and more sales. Mentally, you also “train” them, preparing them for future interactions with you. The first email they receive is the most important in building trust and a good relationship.

9. Be friendly:

Although a casual tone is recommended for promotional emails, it doesn’t hurt to use a casual but friendly tone, especially with loyal customers. You can break the ice with new audiences and customers by being friendly.

It also creates a close relationship, making potential customers want to try your service or product.


Your business can benefit greatly from a well-executed email campaign. You should reap the benefits if you do everything right and don’t get too boring or use sales pitches in your emails. (Note: Sometimes, this can be more straightforward in an email setting. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.) Be sure to monitor the email addresses you use to communicate with your target audience. Is it because you never know what he will say or what? What’s in it for your business?

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