Top 10 Importance of Digital technology in Revolution

Importance of Digital Technology

Digital technology has been growing at a rapid pace. But was focused on societal growth and progress? Talking about the revolution brought by digital technology, it came with many benefits such as faster availability of information, easy communication, ease of access, and new ways of entertainment. With the use of digital media, the world has become a global village, and it has connected a majority of persons on the earth. It has transformed this universe into a global community.

The digital revolution is the most important event in disseminating information since Gutenberg’s printing press and probably marks a much greater change in human communication. Getting to know the benefits and a desire to stay connected has motivated personnel to use digital technology as much as possible. It is very interesting to note that countries where people don’t have access to basic needs such as electricity and clean and safe water have internet connectivity.

Even in third-world countries, more than 80 percent of the population own a cellular phone with which they are easily connected to the global community. The figures representing the number of people using the internet has almost tripled in the last fifteen years. 

This digital revolution has positively impacted almost all departments of modern life. Some of the areas that have been revolutionized by digital technology are:


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1. Information Availability

Due to the continuous availability of information worldwide, the world has become a global village. It was only possible because more and more companies came forward to bring their businesses digitally after the dot com era.

Although social media nowadays is blamed for spreading fake news, some social media accounts, news agencies, etc., provide faster and factual information and news coverage for their online audience. It means that the netizens now have straightforward access to their concerning news. With the introduction of e-books, it is now possible to read a book from bed comfort. Also, technology has revolutionized, and Radio and TVs are now replaced with “LCD” and “LED”.

2. Improved Communication Ways

The old has become absolute, and modern technology is now replacing it, and it is quite impossible to imagine our lives without the usage of digital technologies. For instance, less than a century ago, Letters were thought to be the most authentic and common source of communication. However, nowadays, when everyone has access to digital gadgets, no one would even think of writing a letter when they can send an email to the concerned person in a matter of seconds.

With social media and messaging apps, it has become very easy to communicate with others. We have to accept that it depends on humans; if they start to use digital technology positively, their lives can become far more comfortable than ever.

3. Modernization in Several Fields

Technology has indeed resulted in digitization and modernization in many areas. Whether in medicine, agriculture, or electronics, technology has resulted in a global revolution. Better farming techniques have resulted in healthier foods. Many other fields cannot live without the backbone of technology.

4. Socialization

As we all know, humans are social animals and can’t sustain their lives without socially interacting with other humans. Now, digital technology helps mitigate this problem and connect a large audience. Now people from all over the world can connect with their friends family, and they can even work remotely. Very interestingly, communication is not limited to words; users can communicate via images, visuals, and graphics with many social apps and software that are all created to socialize them.

It means that nobody can remain isolated in this digital world as they have access to all that’s happening in this world.

5. Diversified Working Styles

The nature of work has been transformed by digital technology. More connections mean many people now have even more opportunities to work from home as remote work becomes more and more common. Many jobs can now be done effortlessly from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Many other flexible working applications are now possible without the need for all employees to be in the same building.

6. Knowledge Prospects

In the past, one had to rely on traditional learning resources, but now anyone who has access to them can learn from anyone. They can access much of the world’s information on the web. Lectures and courses can now be provided practically online. Advances in communication mean that you can now easily communicate with the majority of the world’s population and learn directly from sources. For example, if you are trying to understand foreign events or learn a new language.

Digital technology can be easy for people with disabilities and often provides them with the same access.

7. Robotics

Digital technology is making machines more and more intelligent. In some cases, it no longer needs humans to operate machines, freeing workers from repetitive tasks for more interesting work. In other cases, smarter machines mean better security standards or user experience.

8. Proper and Accurate Travelling

People struggled to find a good map in the past days, but digital combined with satellite technology has transformed travel. GPS services can now accurately determine your location, inform you in real-time about traffic jams and closed roads, and provide you with a wealth of up-to-date information such as the time of arrival at your destination and alternative routes. If you want to find an open gas station or pharmacy, that’s easy too.

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9. Auto-Industry Revolution

Many transport service providers already rely on digital technology to some degree. The automobile industry is trying to invest more and more in digital inventions such as self-drive cars and online updates to the software so that customers don’t have to come to the company stores for repairs. Flight and train reservations, as well as access to timetables, are now usually done online. On the other hand, Passports contain digital chips with information that allow self-service machines to speed up the check-in process and get through customs.

10. Financial Institutions

The scope of digitalization doesn’t limit itself to the online world. But in fact, it has also revolutionized financial institutes. Nowadays, a new norm in society is the usage of online media for online banking through various gadgets such as laptops, mobile apps, tablets, etc.

The banks and their customers can now remotely control their inflow and outflow of payments and organize money transfers and bill payments. Apart from the usual activities of banks, other financial matters, such as trading currencies and stocks, can be discussed online. Money transfers and international remittances can now be sent to any country conveniently via digital gateways.

What is your opinion? Is the digital Technology revolution important? 


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