What is the Scope of Digital Marketing or SEO in Pakistan?

What is the scope of digital marketing or SEO in Pakistan

The scope of digital marketing & SEO is booming in Pakistan. The online business, e-commerce, and I.T industry are growing like a fire. People in Pakistan started showing their interest in the digital industry after realizing its long-lasting results and career stability. According to an annual report in 2020, Pakistani E-commerce has successfully contributed around $1b to the economy of Pakistan, and this contribution made it more than admirable.

After seeing the potential and growth of e-commerce, digital marketing, SEO & I.T industry in Pakistan various multinational companies just like, “Alibaba” is also confidently stepping into Pakistan’s digital marketplace. Moreover, the digital industry is positively contributing to around 42% of Pakistan’s annual GDP.

With every passing day, the traffic in the digital market is increasing and this increase in demand is pushing businesses to increase their digital visibility. Without any second thought, the scope of digital marketing or SEO in Pakistan is increasing and becoming the most demanding and highly paid service in 2022.

Why Businesses should adopt Digital Marketing?

This is the right time to start digitally. We are living in 2022, a fully technology-oriented era, and digital revolutions are changing the perspective of physical markets and business. Digital marketing is bringing a number of solutions that has the potential and power to grow your business with minimum effort.

The time is gone when you have to advertise and market your business in newspapers of any physical form, this is the time when every business has to adopt digital marketing techniques in order to get desired results in less time.


Digital marketing, Search Engine Marketing, media marketing & PPC are capable to take your business to the whole next level. Digital marketing has made things much easier for all scales and the nature of business. The entire world is proudly adopting this technology and growing their business the way that they ever dream.

Same in Pakistan, almost 70% of the industry has started their digital visibility and positively adopted all the digital marketing techniques that bring a big change in their business.

Scope of digital marketing in Pakistan.

Scope of digital marketing in Pakistan

Digital Marketing has become much essential element for various businesses in Pakistan. Digital Marketing has proven potential and doing it in the right way can never harm your business. Carrying out digital marketing in an appropriate way can boost and sustain your business.

The scope of digital marketing in Pakistan is dramatically increasing with every passing day. As a digital marketing expert, you can easily earn a handsome amount and can grow your career in the way that you always dream of.

People in Pakistan are learning digital marketing and taking this profession as their full-time job. There is a huge scope of digital marketing as a freelancer, so it all depends on you, whether you want to work as a digital marketing freelancer or a full-time employee.


Digital marketing jobs in Pakistan.

The rising job opportunities are increasing the scope and hype of digital marketing in Pakistan. Expert digital marketing professionals are easily earning 10 times more than those who are working in other fields. These days, digital marketing is in high demand as every next business is planning and working to shift their business digitally and they definitely need a digital marketing expert to work for them.

Every day we can see a number of the latest job postings on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram about digital marketing & SEO experts. As a fresher or experience digital marketer, you can easily find your dream job with some effort.

Digital marketing advantages as a career or business?

    • Bring more business opportunities
    • Related Informative Ad Campaign
    • Gives Higher User Engagement
    • Improved Content Strategy in Marketing
    • Virtual Connectivity with your Audience

The current scope of SEO in Pakistan.

Search engines are the easiest and best way to find anything on the internet search engine. To achieve a top ranking of your blog or website on search engine result pages SEO means search engine optimization technique is smartly used. SEO is a powerful technique that is frequently used in order to get a higher or top ranking in search engines and boost organic traffic on the target website.

In simple words, SEO is mainly used to maximize the overall website’s visibility on all search engines. Google has been considered one of the most demanding and famous search engines in the entire world. This is the reason that most of the SEO practices in Pakistan mainly focus on the Google search engine in order to get a higher ranking.

If the website is not having good organic traffic from Google this clearly means that the specific website is not properly & fully optimized, that’s why every website owner must hire an SEO expert who can help to drive maximum traffic on the website. With the growing knowledge and. The hype, value, and demand for an SEO specialist in Pakistan are increasing with every passing day.

Moreover, SEO positively plays a very important role in boosting website traffic, stability and popularity, number of content writers and website developers are still unable to fully optimize their websites and doing it in the wrong way.

The current scope of SEO in Pakistan

Like, when a particular keyword is inserted by any person on the search engine search bar, many websites’ results will be visible, that have little or somehow no connection with the specific query that is typed in the search bar. This is just because there are many websites that contain those specific keywords which are not really related to the specific content on their website.

These target keywords are available in the web content and also in headings, taglines, and Meta descriptions. This makes it simpler for them to achieve a high ranking on the search engines but somehow makes it a bit complicated for many searchers to bring the exact information they may require. This is basically referred to as a “spam” or “black hat “SEO” technique.

As an SEO specialist, it is much essential to properly understand how to properly drive potential traffic to the website in the proper way, and in any particular region like Pakistan, professional SEO experts have a great understanding and knowledge regarding this.

Dreamy Future of SEO specialist in Pakistan.

These days various website owners are showing much interest in search engine marketing techniques, due to rapidly increased knowledge, demand, and awareness about the benefits and potential of SEO. Everyday SEO demand is growing and people have started planning to learn and pursue SEO as their career in the digital marketing field. Therefore, these days the bright future of SEO is very prominent in Pakistan.

The biggest reason for the bright future for SEO experts in Pakistan is its cost, as it is very cheap for many international companies to get the best SEO work done from any Pakistani freelancers or agency, as compared to any western country’s SEO expert. This is the main reason due to why various countries like the USA, Australia, the UK, and others, are outsourcing their SEO-based work and giving their tasks and project to Pakistan.

Moreover, the need and importance of website marketing are highly focused on by new designers and web developers as they really know the worth and importance of SEO for a business and a website. Therefore, the rapid growth in digital businesses and their websites have grown the need and demand for SEO and Pakistan has started following and incorporating this ultimate benefit in their web developments as well.

In addition to this, the SEO expert in Pakistan is increasing because they see a good source of income as compared to other professions in Pakistan. The pay scale for an SEO specialist in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 50,000 to 150,000 or above, mainly depending on their knowledge, expertise, and experience.


SEO & Digital Marketing professional salary in 2022.

The salary & scope of digital marketing professionals and SEO experts vary according to their experience, skills, knowledge, and capabilities. It all depends on your potential. The more efficient you are, the more likely you will be paid. As an internet, you can easily earn around 10k and with some experience, the starting payout can be around 30000 to 40000.

    • Newbies’ digital marketer salary ranges from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 40000
    • Executive level digital marketer salary: Rs. 45000 – Rs. 60000
    • Expert/ analyst professional /managerial: Rs. 75000 – Rs. 100000

In nutshell, the scope of digital marketing or SEO in Pakistan is growing like a fire. This is the right time to invest yourself in learning and practicing these skills. You can earn a good amount by providing these services on any freelancing platform or on any company.

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