What Is Meta Verified? An Extensive Guide to Meta’s Verified Badge

What Is Meta Verified

Can I trust this? This is the fundamental question at the heart of every transaction, message, and click. In a world where every hyperlink could lead to disinformation, identity theft, or cyberattacks, this question is more important than ever.

To help you navigate this digital landscape of uncertainty, Meta has introduced a revolutionary new feature. This subscription bundle is revolutionary; it’s more than that. Users on social media will be able to verify that the blue checkmark belongs to you.

With the correct social media marketing tools and meta-verification, you can be sure that your online interactions are real. A centralized dashboard allows you to manage all of your verified accounts. Discover Meta Verified, where you can confidently take a step toward online security with every click.

What is Meta Verified?

You can add an official “verified” emblem to your Meta accounts with the premium subscription known as Meta Verified. It was designed to assist creators in expanding their reach and fostering community. Making it easy for admirers to find the’ real’ you when searching, it also combats fake accounts.

There have been comparisons to the launch of Twitter Blue in 2022. There are some shared features; however, Meta Verified seems to have higher security. As an example, unlike the Meta Verification train, which requires a government ID, Twitter’s program does not have this security measure.

However, its fundamental concept is identical to that of Twitter Blue. When you join up for a service, it grants you access to features that were previously reserved for official channels, news reporters, and individuals of interest, as well as the ability to appear more credible.

Is Meta Verified for Facebook and Instagram?

You may use Meta Verified on Instagram and Facebook. In a perfect world, your Instagram and Facebook accounts would be Meta Verified so that your creator identity could be presented in a unified front. More on that in a bit. Nevertheless, you’ll need to subscribe independently for each platform.



The Benefits of Getting Meta Verified

Protecting your account and boosting your audience’s trustworthiness are two benefits of being Verified by Meta. This is more than just a verification plan because of the variety of subscription bundles you will receive. Become verified and enjoy these benefits.

The Benefits of Getting Meta Verified


You can make your Facebook and Instagram profiles look more credible and professional by adding these badges.

Protection From Impersonation

They include “more protection from impersonation” and “proactive monitoring for account impersonators who may target people with rising online audiences,” according to Meta.

“Our investments in machine learning technology are key to helping us discover faster…,” says Meta of their attempts to prevent fake Instagram and Facebook accounts. We combine machine learning with a trained staff of specialists who monitor and act on inappropriate content.”

This indicates that the platform safeguards your account. Your account will be distinguishable from others after verification.

Access to Human Support Agents

Live chat provides a simple and direct channel for Meta Verified account holders to communicate with actual human customer service representatives. This support helps you address the issues that come up on a regular basis, making it an incredible feature.

Stickers and Stars

Users who have obtained the Meta Verification badge get access to special story stickers on Instagram and Facebook, in addition to special reel stickers. In addition to that, you will receive one hundred stars for supporting the work of other creators.

In addition, each month, all Meta verified accounts are awarded a total of one hundred stars to use as a reward for the work of other artists. The Meta group will give them an additional $0.01 for every star that you refer to them.

Increased Reach

Participants in the Meta verified program will benefit from increased visibility and prominence in comments, suggestions, suggested accounts, and searches for Instagram and Facebook accounts.

If you subscribe to this program, you can broaden your reach. If you don’t have enough followers, it will greatly assist you and make a significant difference. Furthermore, understanding Instagram and Facebook algorithms might help you maximize your reach.



Can anyone use Meta Verified to get verified on Facebook and Instagram?

Most people can become Meta Verified on Instagram and Facebook; however, there are several prerequisites.

    • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • Having a prior posting history on your channel helps demonstrate to Meta that you are not a bot.
    • Providing a legitimate government ID with data that corresponds to your Metachannels
    • Adhering to Facebook’s Community Standards and Terms of Service

Businesses could not obtain Meta Verified when it first launched; the program was only available to individual content authors. However, a business plan will be available in October 2023, with availability varying by territory.

How to Become Meta Verified

How to Become Meta Verified

It is really simple to get Meta Verified. You can sign up via Instagram or Facebook, whichever is more convenient for you. Here’s how it’s done:

Utilize Facebook to get Meta Verified

    • Log in to your main profile through Facebook’s app, then head to your profile page.
    • Click the ‘…’ icon on the right-hand side of the page, then click ‘Subscribe to Meta Verified’. Fill out all the payment details – we’ll get to that in a second – and you’re good!

Utilize Instagram to get Meta Verified.

    • Log in to your main Instagram profile using the app, then go to your profile page.
    • Fill out your payment information after clicking the ‘Subscribe to Meta Verified’ button.

Is there a fee for Meta Verified on Facebook?

Is Facebook charging its regular users? It’s a question that has been bothering people for years, and with the arrival of Meta Verified, the worry is justified. Meta Verification, like Twitter Blue or YouTube Premium, is an optional extra. Instagram and Facebook do not need to charge people for normal accounts just yet.

How much does Meta Verified cost?

Meta Verified is an invaluable tool for those who want to maintain a professional and credible online presence. The cost of using this service might surprise you – it’s actually quite affordable. The web-based version of Meta Verification is available for just USD 11.99 per month, while the Android and iOS versions can be accessed for just USD 14.99 per month.

However, it’s important to note that these prices are applicable per platform. So, if you’re looking to use Meta Verified for both your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you’ll need to pay $26.98 each month. Regardless, the benefits of using Meta Verified far outweigh the minimal cost involved.



Is Meta Verified worth it for you?

As our reliance on technology grows, our daily lives and understanding are increasingly shaped by online interactions. In this digital landscape, Meta verification can provide individuals with the tools they need to respond to online engagement with confidence and security.

Although small- to medium-sized creators may find Meta Verification particularly beneficial, larger and more established organizations and creators may not yet see the value in the platform. However, staying informed about the advantages it provides can contribute to a trustworthy online ecosystem where you can consume and share information with confidence.

By obtaining Meta verification, creators can secure a watertight ‘verified’ badge that distinguishes them from the wave of fake profiles and accounts that are increasingly present on social media platforms. This verified badge, in turn, can help establish trust with potential followers and contribute to a reliable online system.

Overall, Meta-verification embodies the spirit of progress and leads the way toward a safe and trustworthy digital world.

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