Instagram Reels in 2023: A Complete Guide of Instagram Reels

A Complete Guide of Instagram Reels

What is the key to Instagram’s continued success?

You guessed correctly: they are called Instagram Reels.

But mastering the optimal Reels approach and being familiar with using all of the game’s various elements is no simple task.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a dedicated part of the Instagram app that lets users make and share fun, short videos. Instagram Reels are like Instagram Stories, with a few notable exceptions. Instagram Reels has a wider variety of video filters, transitions, and speed options than the original app.

Instagram Reels, in contrast to Stories, do not support photo uploads. Furthermore, unlike Stories, which may only be shared with followers, Reels can be published on the Explore tab for the whole Instagram community to view (if the user account is public).

Instagram Reels is a feature designed to maintain user interest in the app and are often compared to TikTok.



How Long Can a Video Be on an Instagram Highlights Reel?

Instagram Reels could only be up to 15 seconds long when launched, but that has now been raised to a maximum of 60 seconds in 2021.

Reel Editing on Instagram

Instagram Reels includes a wide variety of customization options, such as:

    • Adding videos shot on other platforms, such as Instagram.
    • Videos may be edited and personalized on Instagram just like any other post.
    • Extra-interesting content is made possible with a vast music collection, customizable filters, and innovative AR (augmented reality) effects.
    • Setting a countdown timer allows for hands-free Reels recording, allowing users to be far from their devices while still capturing high-quality footage.
    • Reels have been improved with the addition of narration and text.
    • We are combining many Reels into one video using the Remix function.
    • Whether shooting video or taking photos, the green screen effect allows for endless background customization possibilities.

Instagram Reel Audience Demographics

    • There is currently not much information available about the specific Instagram Reels audience. Instead, consider the following interesting statistics regarding Instagram’s overall user base:
    • Instagram’s primary user base consists of those aged 25 to 34, with those between the ages of 18 and 24 coming in a close second (Statista).
    • The release of Reels (Apptopia) in July 2020 prompted an 11% rise in Instagram app downloads between July and August 2020.
    • According to Hootsuite, by 2020, Instagram could offer advertisers access to an audience of 1.16 billion.
    • According to SEMrush, there were 1.2 billion monthly active users of Instagram in October 2020.

Types of Content Predominating Instagram Reels


Types of Content Predominating Instagram Reels


Instagram Reels’ most-viewed content types include:

    • Fitness and Sporting Events
    • Entertainment
    • Jokes with pedagogical value

How to Share Instagram Reels with Later on a Desktop

With millions of brands, creators, and social media managers using its social media management tools, Later is the finest app to post and schedule Instagram Reels from your laptop.

What’s even better? Taking advantage of everything is entirely at no cost to you.

Here are the first five things to do to get started:

1. Connect Your Instagram Profile

Sign up (or login) when using Later on a desktop and click “Add Social Profile.”

Click on Instagram afterward to link your account.

2. Upload Your Reel to Later’s Media Library

Then, save your finalized Reels clip in the library’s Media section.

3. Add a Caption and Hashtags

The Post Creator will launch when you drop your video onto the Calendar. Select Reels from the Post Type menu that appears.

Include a descriptive caption and relevant hashtags or keywords to increase your Instagram Reels’ exposure.

4. Reel Cropping (Optional)

In this section, you can use the “Trim” function to modify the dimensions of your Instagram Reels and the duration of your video.

Select a still image from the video and tap Edit Cover to use it as the cover.

Later’s desktop app is the only place to schedule Reels with the option to upload unique cover pictures due to API limitations.

5. Choose the Date and Time to Schedule Your Reel

Choose when you want your Instagram Reel to go live.

You may then share your Reel with your Instagram followers by toggling the “Share to Feed” setting in the Settings menu. Followed by a Save:

There’s no need to stay up late to post videos; they’ll go live when the time comes.

IMPORTANT: Due to API limitations, auto-publishing of reels is restricted to original audio only and is only available to Instagram Business and Creator profiles.

To get around this, set the Later app to notify you when it’s time to publish by selecting the “Notification” option when scheduling your Post.

Everything you require will be sent directly to your mobile device, and you can even customize the experience by including popular music.



How Many Instagram Reels Should I Publish Each Week?

Expanding your reach is as simple as uploading more Reels and using a well-thought-out hashtag and keyword approach. Post Once a week, three or four reels.

Don’t let yourself become obsessed with pageview counts; providing value to your readers matters.

You can use the information in your Reels account as a springboard for further research and testing on your account.

The Best 5 Instagram Reels Tips For Creators & Businesses

1. Use On-screen Text and Captions

Sixty-nine percent of videos are seen without sound, so it’s common sense to include captions and on-screen text when uploading videos to attract a wider audience.

Subtitles are helpful not only for the deaf and hard of hearing but also for those who choose to watch without sound.

You can use the Instagram closed caption sticker to add video subtitles.

Click the sticker icon and choose “Captions.”

The transcription of the audio may take a few seconds. After they’ve made it, you may go back and fix any mistakes in the text.

2. Utilize Current Movements as Ideas

Just as on TikTok, the popularity of Reels rises and falls swiftly.

Please take a few minutes every morning to check out the Instagram Reels page and other creators’ profiles to see what they’re sharing and get in on a trend before it dies out.

Is there something that keeps coming up, like a specific song? A sound bite?

If so, you can save the track by clicking on it to learn how often other companies or artists have used that particular piece of music.

You may also save this Reels trends page for future reference.

3. Motivate your audience to visit your link in the bio and bring in more visitors.

The most effective strategy to get visitors to click through to your bio link from Reels is to include a prominent CTA.

Any combination of on-screen text placement, a voiceover, and a video caption would work for this purpose.

Create a miniature landing page complete with several link buttons and clickable photos with the help of a link in a bio tool like Later’s Linked bio.

It won’t take more than a few minutes to implement and will significantly increase the value of your link in the bio.

4. Focus on a specific topic and Post regularly.

Finding and sticking to a specific niche will help your Instagram Reels videos become popular.

Instagram has attracted a massive audience with diverse tastes and passions. There’s a market for any product or service out there.

5. Include 3 to 5 hashtags.

You can help Instagram’s algorithm recognize your content and show it to the right people by using anything from three to five hashtags.

The news

Instagram is testing lengthier videos, which could extend its revenue choices and help it overcome a critical weakness against key competitors TikTok and YouTube. The move has been said to be taking place.

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