How can I start freelancing as a digital marketer? I am having trouble with freelancing.

How can I start freelancing as a digital marketer

A freelancing professional career has become everyone’s favorite these days. After unpleasant situations created by COVID-19 lockdowns everywhere, a lot of businesses faced major losses in their company’s progress. A number of employees were thrown away, and a number of companies’ careers just came to an end.

At this time, a freelancing career (work from home) emerged as a blessing for all the breadwinners of the family. Through this amazing work-from-home opportunity, a lot of people are earning a good amount by providing their services online.

A freelancing career is very promising, and it positively reduces your commute expense, everyday lunch, and extra random expanses. There are many ways by which you can kick start your career anytime.  There is a big, endless service list that you can offer online anytime. There is a number of freelancing platforms where you can create your account and just get started on your professional freelancing career.

As a freelancer, you can easily provide services like content writer, blogger, vlogger, digital marketer, virtual assistant, graphic designer, and SEO specialist, and the list is endless. You have to choose those skills in which you have maximum expertise, experience, and confidence that this will work amazingly.



Career as a digital marketer freelancer

Freelance Digital freelancers and marketers have a lot of options and various areas where they can confidently show their true expertise and skill. Being a digital marketer, you will get a chance to expand your skills and earn as much as you can.

As a freelancer digital marketer, you are like the boss of your company who has the full right and power to set the time to work, split the tasks as per their feasibility, and schedule the tasks as per their choice. You are never bound to report 9 to 6 like the way you used to do in the on-site job.

As an independent professional, you can kick start this freelancing career anytime. There is no age limit restriction or any other restriction that could stop you from getting a dream job.

Freelancing as a digital marketer gives you full flexibility and freedom to work. This will help you establish your promising business career. There are some easy-to-access free tutorials available on YouTube that will help you to learn the basics to advance things that will help you to become a freelancer as a digital marketer in less time.

Freelancing as a digital marketer


Freelancing as a digital marketer


The demand and hype for digital marketing opportunities are a growing position; this rising job opportunity has become a green signal for all digital marketer to start their career in freelancing as digital marketers. Doing freelancing as a digital marketer makes you the boss of your work. It allows you to set your hourly rate, availability, and area that you can cover. You have the power and authority to work flexible hours.

While freelancing as a digital marketer, there are some rules and responsibilities that you have to perform. A digital marketer is a professional who is skilled in giving online marketing services. This serves as a freelancer and can be provided to big organizations, companies, or any freelance client, depending on the work they need to get done from you.

The range of freelance digital marketers is expanding with time. There are a lot of services that you can provide as a freelance digital marketer. You could be hired to get many services and work that include,

1. Posting a paid advertisement:

A freelance marketing expert is hired to create and post required ads on various platforms that have the potential to bring in more profit and generate maximum profit and revenue. The ads can be posted on the platform like Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, and a lot more.

2. Marketing through videos:

A digital marketer is being hired to create and post videos with the aim of marketing. This includes creating ideation, video shooting, video script writing, publishing, video editing, and a lot of promotional videos.

3. Influencer marketing:

As a blogger on social media, you become a positive influencer for many people who visit your profile and see your stories on a random basis. How you promote any brand or product in your stories with positive words makes people more attracted to the product you are showing. There is a number of influencers who have established their career by providing this service.

This is a kind of lifetime earnings. For everyone who purchases something or opens a link from your profile, you will get a commission on each click.



4. SEO expert

As a search engine optimization expert, you must have good knowledge and expertise about what actually SEO is and how it works. Working as an SEO expert in the digital market makes a big change in your life.

You are responsible for using various tools in order to search for the best keyword that you have to target in your blog or content; that keyword should be searched specifically for the target location, and choose the long-tail or short-tail keyword that has the maximum searches.

After selecting the right keyword, you have to make the right use of these keywords in your content, video, blog, or anything that you working on. Many tools and plugins are available that help users analyze the SEO of their posts and pages. Highlights the points that need to be fixed in order to make it fully SEO-based.

Other than this, an SEO expert has to create and use a good range of backlinks, tags, internal and external links, and a lot more.

  • Managing and establishing the overall marketing funnels and increasing sales.

Along with that, there are many other services as well that you can easily offer as a digital marketer freelancer. The service range is like a giant and endless; with every passing day, some new services are blending into society, and as an up-to-date freelancer, you have to learn these new features as well.

Freelancing as a digital marketer is not a trouble at all.


Freelancing as a digital marketer is not a trouble at all


In 2022, nothing is impossible, and nothing is hard to learn. The world has come up far, and everyone is having proper learning and experimental support from internet sources. Thinking about anything too troublesome or hard for me is your misconception and lack of confidence.

Things are much easier if you are a quick and smart learner. Make sure to explore the facts about freelancing and gather all related information that could help you in the future.

Make sure to start your freelancing career through an authentic platform like, Upwork, or Fiver. These platforms are the most demanding and used platforms in the freelancing world. However, each platform has set some rules like,

  • Make sure to prepare your own account with proper details.
  • Try to verify the identification of your account as soon as possible.
  • Link your Twitter or LinkedIn account with your freelancing account.
  • If you are using Upwork, then try to attempt the Upwork readiness test as soon as possible; then, your profile will be able to get titles like “rising talent, expert, pro, and a lot more.”
  • Set your hourly rate smartly; if your account is new, then set your hourly rate to $3 per hour, and you can change this with time, along with your work progress on the freelancing platform.
  • They will charge 10 to 20% on each earning.
  • You will have limited connects and bidding options for each month, so use them wisely.
  • You have to submit a well-written proposal in order to apply for any job that is posted on-site.
  • You must write an effective and appealing cover later; you need to read the job posting details and prepare the cover letter accordingly.
  • Prepare your well-organized portfolio and attach the file while applying for the job.
  • In order to make sure that your application stands on the starting position, you can boost the application by using more connect boost options.
  • Try to download the mobile application of the freelancing site and turn on the notification alerts in order to stay active and give a response to each post without any delay.
  • Make sure to accept the interviews and respond to them as early as possible.
  • By responding to the interview, you will be able to get bonus connections on Upwork.
  • In order to become a successful digital marker freelancer, you must work on developing your communication skills and add a professional attitude to your conversations.
  • Be polite, work smartly, and make sure to read all the policies, terms, and conditions of the platform that you are using.
  • If you and your client are satisfied with the interview and he decides to hire you, then make sure he will set and start a milestone, keep some amount in escrow, and then you are good to go and work for him.
  • There are a lot of banking options that you can connect with afterward in order to proceed with the payment.

Freelancing as a digital marketer has positive growth and scope, If you have expertise and skill, then this is the best opportunity to avail yourself without wasting time.


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