Gmail Users Beware: Google Announces Massive Gmail Account Deletion in December

Google Announces Massive Gmail Account Deletion in December

Google is set to initiate a mass Gmail account deletion of inactive accounts, unused for two years, starting December 2023, as a precaution against security threats, including potential hacks. The announcement, made earlier this year, applies to various Google Workspace services, encompassing Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, YouTube, Google Forms, and Google Photos.

Unlike the initial plan in 2020, which involved removing content from inactive accounts, this upcoming deletion targets the accounts themselves. Google will issue multiple notifications to the account’s email and recovery mail addresses before the scheduled deletion.

Who is at risk of Gmail account deletion?

Starting in December 2023, any account and its content that has been inactive for two or more years can be deleted, including content stored in Google Workspace. The new rules only apply to personal Google Accounts, not to organizations like schools or businesses.



Why is Google deleting the accounts?

In an email in May of this year, Google said inactive accounts are more vulnerable because they are not actively used or monitored, and users are more likely to use outdated or forgotten passwords. Have the possibility.

“This is because forgotten or unaccompanied accounts often rely on old or updated passwords that can be suspicious, don’t have two-factor authentication setup, and offer less security to the user,” The post reads.

“Our internal analysis shows that abandoned accounts are at least 10 times less likely to have two-step verification installed than active accounts. These accounts are often vulnerable, and if compromised, identity can be used for everything from data theft to trolling passengers. Or malicious attacks, even malicious ones, such as spam.”

How to protect your account


How to protect your Gmail Account Deletion


To protect your Google Account from deletion, please note that the new policy only applies to personal Google Accounts and not to accounts associated with organizations such as schools or businesses. The program ends in December 2023 but experienced Gmail, Files, Calendar, and Photos users don’t need to worry because they’ll send inactive accounts. Additionally, before Gmail account deletion, Google will send multiple notifications over several months to the account email address and, if secure, to a recovery email address to protect your privacy and that of its larger users. It shows Google’s commitment to protecting the foundation…

If your Google Account has been inactive for a long time, it’s a good idea to take steps to keep it active. To reactivate a disabled Google Account, you can sign in or follow the instructions in an email from Google. Google also lists specific steps to keep your account active, such as using Google Drive, reading or sending emails, watching YouTube, downloading from the Google Play Store, Google Searching, or using Sign in with Google for third-party apps. Or services.

Google also reviews active subscriptions associated with a Google Account, such as Google One, news posts, or apps, and account activity to prevent those accounts from being deleted.



Final Thoughts

The mass Gmail account deletion will begin in December 2023, an important step to strengthen cybersecurity against potential threats and hackers. Unlike various Google Workspace services, this program primarily involves personal Google accounts (excluding policies). Google’s emphasis on the sensitivity of the forgettable system, combined with its proactive notifications, demonstrates its commitment to user privacy and security. Users must actively maintain account activity and interact with Gmail, documents, calendars, and photos to avoid Gmail account deletion.

The key approach, which includes notifications, reactivation options, and identification of active subscriptions, recognizes Google’s commitment to creating a safer online environment for its large user base.

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