Top 7 Essential SEO Tools for Freelancers and Agencies 2022

Top 7 Essential SEO Tools for Freelancers and Agencies 2022

In the fast-running competitive era where we are, every single thing has its more impressive substitute, it does not really matter if that’s in physical space or on the internet. From a fudge cake recipe to a pair of socks, you always need to have very strong visibility if you want to be noticed by your potential customers.

In order to achieve that strong visibility for the digital business’s website can be considered a bit tricky or for freelancers, there are Essential SEO Tools for Freelancers.

To make this process smoother and simpler, we will always need to have a very powerful and impactful Engine Optimization (SEO) game. SEO is a serious game changer for your website’s and business’s growth.

In addition to this if you are looking forward to making the SEO game very powerful, then you must need to access some promising SEO tools. These SEO tools are needed and mainly used by multiple agencies and freelancers.

The aim to use these tools is to maximize their content visibility and to rank higher on search engines like Google. However, in this article, we will explore Essential SEO tools for freelancers and agencies in 2022.



Top 7 Essential SEO tools for Freelancers and Agencies:

These tools are worth using Agencies and freelancers confidently make the right use of these tools in order to maximize the visibility of their websites, which organically brings more customers to the website.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an outstanding and very promising SEO tool that is highly used by multiple agencies and freelancers across the world. This tool is one of the most demanding SEO tools which is being used by almost every other agency as it positively comprises a very comprehensive suite of SEO, PR, content marketing, paid traffic, social media, and present market research tools.


SEMrush is being considered for its powerful competitive research and accurate keyword research functions. This is more amazing for your all clients who are somehow new or already in competitive markets.

Another promising fact about SEMrush is its advanced toolkit. This toolkit highly comprises a very sophisticated set of SEO audit tools that smoothly enable you to easily identify and solve all kinds of critical errors that may exist on the client’s website. This is why SEMrush is considered a very Essential SEO tools for freelancers and agencies.

2. Google Search Console

Google search console is another very essential SEO tools for freelancers. It enables all agencies and freelancers to easily monitor their metrics by understanding where their website currently stands in terms of SERPs.

Google Search Console

It has various powerful features including a trustable search analytics tool that helps to measure all the key performance indicators, or KPIs, including:

    • Total impressions count.
    • Total clicks on your website.

The average CTR or click-through rate has the ability to measure people that really click on any specific link that has been opposed to emails or other websites.

In addition to this, the powerful feature is the data highlighter tool. This feature ability to enable you in order to organize data on your website and insert multiple tags into your website.

These powerful tags can help make it way easier for all the users to easily view your website and get a quick snapshot of what they really want on their Google search results page.

You can simply view the data highlights and tags of different competitors’ websites, which can enable you to make a quick and wise decision to clearly understand which tag you really have to use in order to help your website to rank higher on search engines.



3. Clear scope

Around 62% of marketers are highly committed to generating unique content for their business, and of course for good reason. When customers shop online, there are obvious chances that they’re really looking online for advice and help in selecting the best product for their specific needs.

Clear scope

As a business owner, it is way more important that you must understand the buyer’s perspective and journey, meaning the journey from the time they started thinking about buying a product, to the time they start spending time online looking for online guidelines and guidelines.

Finally, to the exact time they decide to purchase any product and go through with the sale.

During this entire buyer’s journey, one of the most essential elements for a company to be successful will be generating meaningful content that is very useful and helpful for all the customers finding a product. 

By producing and publishing content and doing proper SEO of your website for Google’s SERP your potential customer is more likely to:

    • Start trust on your website.
    • Consider your website for future purchases.

All of this is to say that content creation is a pillar of digital marketing.

However, Clearscope is an outstanding SEO tool that helps in on-page SEO and content creation and can enable you to:

    • Select the perfect keyword for your content.
    • Understand how many times to include your keyword.
    • Know the length of your content should be.

4. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is also famous as the second largest and most trustable website crawler after Google. All the freelancer SEO experts recommend this as one of the best SEO tools because it is very simple. With its outstanding position tracking feature, you can see your website’s top keywords and pages.

These Essential SEO tools for freelancers can also be used for backlinks analysis feature that helps to find all the external and internal backlinks and identify the broken links. In addition to this, the keyword explorer feature of Ahrefs provides you with a comprehensive overview of a keyword.



5. Alexa


This promising tool is a subsidiary of Amazon that positively tracks the overall digital behavior that marketers may use in order to grab the audience’s intention and attention on their site. It also gives a detailed insight into your website performance and ranking on the internet.

The data that we receive from Alexa will support improving the SEO efforts of the user. It also provides the audience insight into their interest and choice to the users, so that they can simply use it in their style which may definitely lead to the success of all the agencies and freelancers.

6. LinkAssistant

It gives the perfect link options that go well with your websites and helps in exchanging links that will really boost SEO. This Essential SEO tools for freelancers and agencies has the ability to provide a huge volume of possible backlink suggestions that will help you make your link-building campaign way more successful.

LinkAssistant’s SEO Power suite also includes outstanding options and tools that are fit for Rank Tracking, Auditing, Website, and SEO research. This a real game-changer SEO tool that everyone has to use.

7. Rank Tracker

This tool positively deals with clearly understanding the exact ranking of the website in the world. It is highly considered one of the most demanding keyword research tools and along with this it also keeps an eye on the overall search engine ranking.

Rank tracker

Their powerful insights enable you to rank the website’s content by properly observing the previous and latest ranking of that same content.



Wrap up:

All these 7 Essential SEO tools for freelancers and agencies are real game-changer. You can use any of these or can use multiple at the same time in order to grow your website and make them able to rank higher on search engines.

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