Do you know the importance of VidIQ for YouTube channels?

Do you know the Importance of VidIQ for YouTube channels

In the massive competition of video content, the importance of VidIQ is not neglectable. VidIQ is a SaaS product designed that helps YouTube creators find content and keywords for their videos. The tool also has a robust YouTube SEO feature set that assists with creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags. Is your YouTube channel growing the same way your
competitors are growing? importance of VidIQ for individual publishers or other companies like you and me who manage YouTube digital channels for their clients.

Most of us are familiar with the basics of YouTube video SEO, such as Using keywords in the titles of your posts, using detailed descriptions, and describing your videos. YouTube is known to every publisher, but other things can be used to increase the number of views on their YouTube channel.



To understand the importance of VidIQ First learns about VidIQ. VidIQ is a video analytics and marketing tool for YouTube publishers. The YouTube tool analyzes your account and provides the most essential information to help you decide what you can do.

It is more than a YouTube SEO tool; it also provides insights into how the video interacts with users. Getting started with the importance of VidIQ is easy because you need to sign in with your YouTube account. It puts all your videos in the dashboard, and this is where the magic begins. After extracting all the details about the YouTube video, check the toolbar.

Top 8 importance of VidIQ for YouTube Channel

Top 10 Important of VidIQ for YouTube Channel


1. YouTube Keyword Research

In my opinion, VidIQ is the best keyword research tool on YouTube. VidIQ works like any other traditional keyword tool like SEMrush. Enter the query term and get interesting information about that period. There are also many different keywords. Let’s break down the detailed keyword metrics that the tool gives you.

      • Relevant Score: Measures how closely the suggested keyword matches the keyword you just entered.
      • Search Volume – How many people search this particular YouTube site each month.
      • Font Rank – The number of YouTube videos competing for search results for a particular query.
      • Super Rank – This number calculates the required volume and competition. So if your keyword search volume is high, but competition is low, it will rank higher overall.

2. VidIQ Analytics

There is a toolbar that shows what your channel looks like. Once verified, you can see the number of views, subscribers, and comments your channel has received. You can also see where those views are coming from (search, video suggestions, etc.). VidIQ Analytics was initially designed to be easier to use than older YouTube Analytics.

3. Best Time to Post

This is a great feature not found in other YouTube SEO tools. This is what “Best Time to Add” sounds like: it tells you the best time to upload YouTube videos to your channel. There are over a million posts in the “Best Time to watch Video” section. But these are average. This feature tells you exactly when your YouTube subscribers will be active.



4. Embed URLs

This report shows which sites generate video views outside of your YouTube marketing videos. In my case, the blog is definitely the first connected source of ideas. But we say that you know that Quora or Reddit is sending you many comments. So maybe you need to work on promoting your videos on these platforms.

5. Videos

This report lists your videos and displays the number of views, likes, comments, and tags for each video. The advantage is that you can change the displayed metadata with a single click. All you have to do is click on any video, click Edit, and it will automatically edit the description and tags.

6. Subscriber Analysis

The individual brand of the subscriber is exciting, which only VidIQ offers. This viewer will collect information from subscribers who have run the VidIQ Chrome extension. It will tell you which videos people want to watch without looking at your content.



7. Competitors

Competitors make it easier to target your competitors (or compare multiple competitors). With this report, you can’t do much about it. Learn more about rating your channel by several edits and subscriptions.

8. VidIQ Boost

Once the VidIQ account is released, you will be able to retweet a certain number of videos each month. Better video means the VidIQ Chrome extension will help you improve your video. The importance of VidIQ is very meaningful in the SEO of YouTube Videos and channels.

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