Concept of Need Want and Demand in Digital Marketing

Concept of Need, Want, and Demand in Digital Marketing

The starting point of simple marketing or digital marketing is identifying the human need, wants, and demands. Human needs can take physical, social, cultural, and personal forms. Needs are endless. Every new creation seeks to meet human needs. We cannot imagine the existence of a market without a marketing campaign/advertisement or human needs. Therefore, different products, services, and approaches are invented or innovated to meet the unlimited needs of humans. This is called desire fulfillment.

It will depend on the culture, the society, and the people. Marketers can influence a person’s wishes by offering products that meet their needs. Demand is a human desire based on purchasing power and buying. This man likes only what he likes the most. Marketers can also influence demand by offering products at different prices and features.

Need, Want, and Demand in Digital Marketing 

Need in Digital Marketing

1. Human Needs

Human needs are necessities, including food, clothing, and shelter. People could not survive without them. Education and health are part of today’s needs. In theory, there is no reason to reject products that fall into production requirements. Instead, customers buy for themselves. But in today’s dynamic and competitive world, where many brands invent identical products to meet customer needs, buyers must absorb “products according to the type of need.” Examples of products/sectors with different needs – agriculture, real estate (land is always more valuable), FMCG, and more.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Maslow (1943) states that people are more motivated to fulfill specific needs and desires. Our most basic requirement is to have material assets, which are the first things that lead to our behavior. When this level is over, the next level, etc. The Manlow Need of Hierarchy is helpful to understand They explain the hierarchy of need, want, and demand in Digital Marketing 

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

    1. Physiological needs are the human body’s needs, such as air, food, drink, shelter, clothing, warmth, sex, and sleep. Without meeting these needs, the human body cannot function properly. Maslow believes that material needs are the most important because all other needs are secondary before these needs can be met.
    2. Safety needs– When a person’s physical needs are met, security needs become more critical. People want to confidence, and discipline in their lives. Families and communities can meet these needs (e.g., police, school, employment, and health care). For example, psychological security, financial security (e.g., employment, social security), law and order, freedom from fear, social security, property, health, and well-being (e.g., accident and injury insurance)
    3. Love and belongingness needs– The third level of human need after meeting physical and protective needs is the needs of society, including a sense of belonging. Relationships refer to relationships, attachments, and emotional needs that form part of a group. Examples of relationship needs include friendship, intimacy, trust, acceptance, acceptance, and love.
    4. Esteem needs include self-esteem, success, and respect. The professional needs of the issue fall into two categories:
      1. Self-confidence (pride, success, possession, freedom)
      2. The desire for fame or honor from others (such as status, prestige).Maslow emphasizes that the need for honor or dignity is paramount for children and adolescents and precedes true self-esteem or pride.
    5. Self-actualization, the need for self-awareness, is at the highest level in the ranking of issues, and it has to do with personal ability, self-realization, the pursuit of personal development, and ultimate experience. People can understand this need or somehow solve it. For example, there may be a strong desire to be a perfect parent. For others, he may express himself creatively through photographs, images, or searches.

2. Human Wants

Desire is one step ahead of their needs and depends on their own needs. For example, you are going to take a bath. But I’m sure you bathe with the best soap. So, desire is not a part of life. Soap helps if you are not feeling well. But you want to use it because you need it. Examples of favorite products/industries – food and beverage, electronics, consumer goods, FMCG, and more.

Want and Demand in Digital Marketing

3. Human Demands

You can find a BMW or a Mercedes for your car. You can go on a cruise. But can you buy a BMW or a boat trip? You can be sure that you can buy a BMW or a boat. So, it is essential to go beyond what you want. This desire becomes necessary when a person wants good quality, but it can still be bought. There is a need to differentiate between needs and wishes. The customer may wish to something but will not be able to buy—examples of conditions – Cruise, BMW, 5-star hotels and more.

Need, Want, and demand in Digital Marketing is an essential part that helps the strategist to decide which products is offered to a specific audience they are looking for.

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