What is Pinterest and Why should your business use Pinterest?

What is Pinterest and Why should your business use Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network where you can collect and share pictures. You can also discover new visual interests by browsing other user collections. Learn how to get started with this unique and creative social sharing tool. On Pinterest, users share, and store content in a virtual collection called a pinboard. The majority (81%) of Pinterest’s 175 million members in the United States are women. About 2 million of these members put their content in their shopping carts every day.

If you want to use Pinterest to grow your small business, it is important to create a business account. Pinterest business accounts are free and give you access to sales-related features like analytics. If you already have a personal account, you can switch to a business account or create a new one.

Is Pinterest an App or Not?

It gives you an app to use Pinterest on any mobile device, but it also works on computers. Install Pinterest on your computer with the recommended web browsers for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, or download the Pinterest mobile app for iOS or Android

What Exactly Is Pinterest Used For?

Think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin/pinboard, but with organizational tools and tabs. If you’re interested in topics like cooking or decorating, find your favourite photo on it or the web and save it to your Pinterest board. Create multiple boards to track your interests. For example, make a wedding board, makeup board and decorating board. it is also a social network. Users interact by following, liking, and commenting on Facebook and Instagram photos. Save other people’s photos in your timeline and send private messages to your contacts for sharing.

Why should your business use Pinterest?

Why should your business use Pinterest

Pinterest can benefit your business in many ways. Here are a few:

1. Large user base

As the fourth most popular social media platform in the United States, with over 235 million international monthly users, It can open your business to millions of new users.

2. Visual platform

It is a great place to showcase your business. It’s also the only social platform that supports visual search, so start the trend early in the year.

3. Commercial activity

Users often use Pinterest to decide what they want to buy. In the 2019 season report, 83% of consumers say they are shopping based on the product they see on Pinterest.

4. Brand exposure

It can increase your exposure to new customers as most users report discovering new brands and products every week. Using Pinterest for your business can expose your brand to a wider audience and influence your customers’ purchasing decisions. If you do not use it to promote your product or service, you will fail. With over 87% of users buying from the site, this is a great opportunity to reach your users. Before you sign up and start creating pins, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Pinterest terminology

Pinterest terminology

    • Pins: Everything on Pinterest is a Pin, which means the idea impresses you. Clicking on the placeholder will bring up a link to the site.
    • Pin codes: Like QR codes, PIN codes are special codes that you can create to unlock Pinterest graphics and company profiles. The user can enter the code to move directly to the instruction table.
    • Pinners: This is how Pinterest names its users.
    • Boards: Sort of like visual bookmarks or digital pinboards, boards are how you organize your pins.
    • Group boards: A group board is a shared table owned by the user. Owners can add other users to the board. You can request to attend a group meeting, but the meeting owner must send you an invitation.
    • Archived boards: You can save forms that you no longer use but do not want to delete. Saved forms will no longer appear on your profile, and you will no longer see suggested forms. For example, you might see the option to cancel a wedding dress booking after the big day.
    • Feed: Like broadcasts on Facebook or Twitter, this is a group of people following you that you might be interested in.
    • Hashtags on Pinterest: Hashtags work just like any other social platform like Instagram – they make it easy for other users to find your PIN and related content.
    • Lens: This feature of the Pinterest app uses your smartphone’s camera to point to the captured images. For example, if you take a picture of a dress, you will see a similar dress.
    • Comments: You can add comments to other users’ pins.
    • Save: After clicking Paste, you can choose to save, send or hide. After saving, add it to your board.
    • Sending pins: You can send pins to other users or non-Pinterest users in private messages.
    • Tagging: You can tag other users using the @ symbol.
    • Messages: You can send private messages to other Pinterest users.

How to create a Pinterest Business account

There are three main ways to create a Pinterest account: add a business profile to an existing personal account, convert a personal account into a business account, or create a business account from scratch. Learn how to create a configuration file from scratch:

1. Go to Pinterest.com/business/create.

If you already have a personal account, log out. Enter your email address and password. It’s good to use corporate email here to separate your account. Click “Create Account”.

2. Choose your language and location, and enter your business name.

Choose the description that suits your business and add a link to your website.

3. Connect your other social platforms.

If your business has other social media accounts like Instagram, Etsy, or YouTube, you can link them to Pinterest so that the PINs of these platforms can be displayed on your business and track the details

4. Determine if you want to run advertisements on Pinterest.

You can change this option at any time later and provide your contact details so that an advertising representative can contact you.

5. Edit your profile.

Upload a profile picture, select a custom username, and send a summary of your activity to your Pinterest profile. Your profile picture should be 150 x 165 pixels, and be sure to include a few words in the “About” section.

6. Claim your website analytics.

Click Request in the menu on the left. This allows you to track information about the website and the pin code associated with any selected account.

7. Start creating and pinning.

After setting up your account, you can start creating panels and adding PINs. 

5 New Exciting Pinterest Features You Should Know

5 New Exciting Pinterest Features

It has seen a lot of changes and improvements over the last few months – no new designs or big ads that we had to come up with, just the top five. Some of these can make a huge difference in your life for casual Pinterest users and marketers.

1. Send Pins to Your Friends

What do you see when you meet a friend or colleague? You are lucky. You can now click the “Submit” button to share with other users, Facebook friends or email contacts.

2. Duplicate Pin Notification

It can save a life if you manage multiple programs, accounts and brands and if you don’t remember the pictures of cats you posted. So now, instead of opening another tab and searching for the latest pins, It gives you a quick overview.

3. Analytics

We’re excited to see more soon, but the new numbers are better than nothing for now. Basically, they allow website owners to track the number of pins and pins collecting content from their pages and oversee the redesign and reinforcement of those pins. It’s also easy to measure and visualize overall impressions, user traffic, and citations.

4. Mobile Notifications, Friend Mentions & Suggested Search Terms

It has updated its mobile functionality by introducing push notifications to know when you receive a video or comment if you visit your web page for those who like to watch on their phones. It’s easy to manage the site in real-time.

5. Chrome Extension

As a Chrome user’s favourite, I like these particular Chrome buttons – they leave a blank space. My favourite bar is always crowded.

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