What is AIDA Model? Is it Important AIDA Formula in Marketing?

What is AIDA Model

Whether you sell, regardless of the business you are in … whether you sell online or offline … you can make extra money. Increasing sales or lowering prices will be beneficial … You may have heard of this or you know if you have read a great product (AIDA model).

Designed by American businessman Elias Saint. In 1898, Elmo Lewis wrote a variety of AIDA models spreading the word. Lewis’s instructions are first “to color, to control interest, to motivate” and then to “work.” Although written during the domestic sales era, AIDA is pursuing its organization’s advertising and marketing strategy in the 21st century. To make sure your business coverage covers all the basics, look at AIDA as a mental health review.

What is AIDA Model?

The AIDA model is a performance reference model, a model of attention, interest, emotion, action, which defines a former employee when purchasing or providing services. The AIDA model is widely used in digital marketing, sales, and public relations.

Hierarchy of AIDA Model

Steps included in the AIDA model:Hierarchy of AIDA Model

  • Attention: The first step in marketing or advertising is how to attract customers
  • Interest: Once consumers know that a product or service is available, the market should increase consumer satisfaction.
  • Desire: When the consumer is satisfied with a product or service, the goal is to create desire in the consumer, changing his behavior from “like” to “wanting”
  • Action: The main purpose is to determine the recipient of the ad and purchase a product or service.

Therefore, the AIDA model says that Awareness leads to Interest, which leads to Desire, and finally, Action. Let us consider ways to use the AIDA model by looking into each part of the hierarchy.

How to Use AIDA Model in Business

First introduced in the 19th century, the AIDA model provides long-term guidance for small businesses and the advertising industry. AIDA Strategy – Focuses on four aspects of AIDA: Attraction, Intrest, Desire, and action. Paying attention to all the ingredients called AIDA can make your business successful.

1. Attract Attention and Get Noticed


Hierarchy of AIDA Model Attention

As an AIDA company, your first challenge is to have a listening ear. You will not be able to contact a customer unless they know you have a product or service that you are selling. Attractive stores can do this in the real world, and online businesses can rely on photos or videos.

2. Generate and Maintain Interest

Hierarchy of AIDA Model Interest

Hearing loss will be immediately due to the presence of additional toxins. It may be interesting to hear a bright picture on your site, but it is not. Think about what the customer wants, provide important information or details to make it interesting.

3. Create Desire for Your Product or Service

Hierarchy of AIDA Model Desire

When you are satisfied, you need to identify the customers who want your products or use the services you sell. The suffixes are just as effective, they tell people how valuable your product is and include ideas such as buzz or celebrity popularity.

4. Get the Consumer to Take Action


In order for advertising to be successful in the long run, consumers need to take action and buy or ask for more information. Of course, you have to go to this store and buy it. For site visitors, this means subscribing to an online newsletter, interacting with a customer through a dealer, or shopping online.

Hierarchy of AIDA Model Action

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