What are the Main Problematic Issues at Ethical Concerns in a Digital Health Monitor System?

What are the main problematic issues at ethical concerns in a digital health monitor system

Digital technology has become a prominent part of everyone’s daily routine. People are using a smartphone all the time and technology has become so updated and advanced that you can get unlimited applications that can be easily downloaded on your smartphone and help you in various parts of your life. From business applications to educational, from learning apps to hands-on practice application every kind of helpful digital system have become a major part of everyone’s life. From business to finance, crypto to trading, and for every single purpose, a lot of applications and tools are available in the digital smart world.

Smart digital technologies have amazingly covered many parts of lifestyle, so why the health monitoring and tracking tools should remain back. In 2022, every kind of health monitor and track digital system, application, and tool are available in the world.

From heartbeat tracking tools to blood-pressure calculators, breath saturation to the brain, and hormonal imbalance, everything can be diagnosed and treated by making the best use of a digital health monitor system.

This smart digital health monitor system has received immense hype and popularity in a very less time. Health-related digital tools have become a focus investing point for financial investors and almost every other health department is trying to meet the expense and get that tool.

All the digital health monitor systems and tools have the potential to make the diagnoses effectively without error-free in less time and in less effort.

However, with every positive thing, some drawbacks also appear with time. These amazing digital health tools are very promising, yet there are many problematic issues related to ethical concerns in a digital health monitor system that everyone needs to understand. By understanding all these problems, one can possibly introduce some smart solutions for this.



Purpose of the digital health monitor system

The main purpose and goal of this system are to facilitate everyone in order to prevent, monitor, scan, diagnose and treat a health-related single issue on the published health and healthcare-wide level. These digital systems are showing good potential and making the health facilities system stronger and adding more strength to it. These systems have been accepted and used worldwide with the belief to give maximum facility to ill ones and make the best use in order to bring wellness to everyone’s health.

It has been mentioned that the improvements and introduction of new tools in the world of health seem unstable. This is because people are showing more interest in making the medical world easier, quicker, and safer for all.

The data taken from these digital systems are highly protected, secure and safe. There is almost no chance for the data to be stolen or any corrupt file. The data can be accessed by the person who is running the system and has the authority to use the secrete sensible data part of the system.

These tools are changing the perspective of the world in many ways.

Problematic issues at ethical concerns in a digital health monitor system


problematic issues at ethical concerns in a digital health monitor system


This is a very important part in order to smarty focus on the changes, and modifications that are creating the chances and serious challenges and targets from an appropriate ethical point of view. In case you are planning to create a proper sound and fair framework for the appropriate approach to a digital system. There is a lot of researchers who are working on covering all the elements related to ethical concerns in digital health platform.  These all researchers are in a bit scary situation mentioning that this is the major innovation field that is focused on the health of every individual in the world.

There are a lot of things that everyone needs to focus on and cover to make the equal distribution of digital health system facilities that can be utilized by all groups of people. Everyone has to make a proper plan where they discuss and create some steps and policies to make sure that all the facilities are equally distributed and smoothly accessed by the public without any external involvement or fear of political priorities.

Ethical Challenges and modifications to the digital health monitor system

The curve where ethical challenges and issues have been listed is wide and goes in all directions. From the very starting point, it majorly relies and depends on the various phases and stages of usage of this digital health monitor system. Like there should be a visible outcome report that shows every single factor before using these digital systems and after the successful use of these digital health monitor systems.

In the second stage, various investors and stakeholders from the non-medical and medical world, here private and local public areas are included. Formulate and introduce new challenges and issues with reference to the structure of governance, and making pressure on rethinking all the associated responsibilities.  Afterward, there are more ethical challenges and issues that are highly connected with any kind of random technical issue. This random technical issue includes the issues like protection of data, data corruption, storage full, virus scan alert, firewalls, secure storage, and a lot more. These issues are linked with random governance issue that is responsible for transparency and accountability.



In spite of all the challenges and issues, there are a lot of other factors as well that can impact and force the change and bring social, psychological, and physical harm to the public. There is a big visible chance and hope to establish a smart and fair health system by using these advanced digital health monitor systems and tools.

Smart utilization of digital health system tools and platforms.


Smart utilization of digital health system tools and platforms


Before the use of this system in health care and meanwhile using it has a very clear and visible change. The change is positive and makes a big revolution by modifying the health care system. Digital health monitor systems have made things easy and accurate. These are paying good focusing on reducing the human time and effort. In less time these systems are giving amazing and reliable results which have no error at all.

However, almost all the problems and challenges formulate with reference to access, sharing, data storage, and specific ownership of all the data and its outcomes of it.  Instead of this, there are a lot more similar ethical considerations associated with its security, level of confidence, the height of privacy, all the discriminations, and unpredictable use of acquired data for a random purpose that has no finding where these unpredictably they are using data. This situation can take a big twist and create many problems.

However, the data should be secured with codes and there should be no chance of us the data for the wrong purpose and not using data without permission. A lot of effort needs to be put in order to make the system very accurate, reliable, and transparent and boost the trust level of all the users.

The dignity and moral value of patients should be protected. Through the images and records of these tools, data and related things should not be used for the wrong purpose, against the patient of the hospital, and for any defaming purpose.

If they are trusting you and your system, then authority and users have to make sure that their health-related details and data are all the way protected and secure. These records should not be used to braking their dignity and moral value should not be hurt.

The authorities and management should take full right and responsibility in order to make sure that all the record is kept safe and protected. No one else can steal that information from the hospital record. There are a lot of chances that the device may go under some fault, the device should be repaired as soon as possible. The solution should be made to store the backup of each patient’s data in the safest place.

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