What are the Best Free Social Media Automation Tools of 2022?

Best Free Social Media Automation Tools

Social media automation tools support you to make the maximum advantage of your time and effort on social media. Social media is playing an important role in order to boost your business and making it touch the skies and dreamy level. Doing all the basic to advance things manually is a bit complex and time taking. To make social media strategies run smooth and faster the industry has introduced a lot of social media marketing tools that have the potential to maximize the growth of your business and online appearance in less time and with minimum effort.

There is a big market for social media automation tools. Everyone is trying to use that tool that has features and qualities that match their plan and ideas. There is a number of paid tools that works more than your imagination.



On the other hand, there is a number of social media automation tools available in the market which are free to use. Like all free. Its features are free to use and you do not need to invest your money in subscribing and activating that tool.

If you are ready to fuel up your digital marketing network with free social media automation tools then this article is best for you. Here we are going to discuss some most demanding and promising social media automation tools that are free to use and give maximum positive results.

1. SocialBee- Free Social Media Automation Tool


SocialBee- Free Social Media Automation Tool


SocialBee is an amazing free social media automation tool that is worth using in 2022. This promising platform helps in social media management by generating a calendar-like structure where it schedules all the future posts with specific required details and tags the link social platform as well. It automatically posts the blog according to the schedule and the integrated social sites made it go for smooth automatic sharing.

It automatically shares the posts on other social linked sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google my business, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

This tool is easy to use and gives desirable outputs.

2. Later


Later Social Media Automation tools


In 2022 this amazing network has made its successful position among free social media automation tools that are worth using. It helps to make your channel and media site more powerful and meet current international standards. It enables users to personalize your account feed and establish very strong and powerful visibility whenever any audience reaches out to your channel.

Through this app, you can set up your Instagram account 100% free. You can start your career as an influencer without any additional charges. This tool helps to generate your Instagram account’s analytical report on a monthly basis.

3. Quuu Promote- Free to Access Social Media Automation Tools


Quuu Promote- Free to Access Social Media Automation Tools


This promising platform is best for all freelancers, media agencies, bloggers, content creators, and small business owners to promote their brand and business to the net level without any investment and charges.

Quuu promotes network helps to positively make the maximum sharing of your blog post on other social media sites. This tries to bring in more audience and increase the engagement and interest of clients in your business.

4. Agorapulse




This is the best and more reliable social media automation tools that helps users to easily schedule, manage, report, and engage the audience and all profiles visiting your account. Agorapulse has the capability in order to powerfully boost and manage your social account without any trouble.

It’s all features are mind-blowing. Everyone can access its 14 days free trial pack and enjoy using its all-open features that will work for the growth of your business.

5. Social Champ is the Best Free Social Media Automation Toll in 2022


Social Champ


This is another interesting tool that is free to use. Social champ is an outstanding media automation platform with many additional features that enable you to take your business to the whole next level.

It’s all the supporting features that work best for the super six most famous and widely used social media networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google my business, Instagram and Pinterest.

6. StoryChief- Media Automation Network


StoryChief- Media Automation Network


StoryChief is something more than just an ordinary media automation platform. It tries to put much effort in order to shift content and blog creation to the whole next level which is just wow. This tool is based on SEO (search engine optimization) algorithms.

StoryChief helps to automate your channel and contents. In addition to automation, this tool helps to show potential in order to rank your content on the top searches. As its base is designed on the basis of SEO perspective, so this also helps to work in order to rank your every content and post.

Its number of features are free to use. Everyone can enjoy the smooth use of a good range of free features for a specific time span.

7. Planoly




This tool is somehow an alternative to the Later application. This tool can be used for scheduling and planning your posts for Instagram. Its free plans allow users to access any two social profiles for properly scheduling the posts. In the same go, user can automate their Pinterest posts as well.

Planoly is somehow free to use. Its free plans give access to post around 30 posts every month. This platform has recently launched another advanced linkit app that helps in media automation with some advance and updated features.

8. NapoleonCat- Free to Use Social Media Automation Tool in 2022


NapoleonCat- Free to Use Social Media Automation Tool in 2022


The title sounds so inspiring and mouth-watering. Social media influencers are always in a search of great tools that are almost free to use and give maximum benefit to them. So, this is another free-to-use tool for social media automation.

It has many advances and updated customer service features. This tool is best for media and online marketing. NapoleonCat’s maximum features are related to the marketing site. At some level, this tool is free to use. But In case you are planning to activate its premium advanced features then you would have to get its subscriptions depending on the features and tools you want to activate.

Moreover, it is free to access features and the trial plan is best for all the new media marketers. This will help them to understand how this automation tool works and what benefits they can take from this tool.

9. SocialOomph- Best Social Media Automation Tool- Free to Access


SocialOomph- Best Social Media Automation Tool


If you are looking for that specific social media automation tools that will help you to work for your favorite social channel then this tool is the right choice for you. This is a premium platform with some more advance and latest features.

It has both versions to use. Users can use its free version or paid version as well. The choice is all yours. However, its free version allows you to use only one profile that supports unlimited social posts and allows you to make around three posts in a single hour. If you are planning to post the content on various social sites at the same time, in this case, you would have to activate its premium subscription.

SocialOomph’s premium subscription allows users to share and post the content on a number of social sites at the same time. It gives many attractive options and features that help you to make the best use of the social site in order to boost your business.

10. TweetDeck- Social Media Automation Platform

This platform is basically Twitter-based social media automation tools and management network. The main drawback of this platform is, this can only be used if your brand has a proper presence on Twitter. This support Twitter in-house strategies and planning as this is smartly designed for twitter only.

This tool is free to use. The only thing that users must have in order to use TweetDeck is their own account on Twitter.

You need to sign in to your Twitter account and link it with TweetDeck and use the features to grow your brand and business and perform effective valuable automation techniques.



Final thought:

Every day some new tools are introduced in the market and every new tool has some updated and advanced features that strongly fail the previous tool. Every tool is offering different features for various media automation purposes. The choice is all yours which platform you should use for your business purpose.

Every businessman has different goals and targets so they all have to choose the right free or paid social media automation tool that works magically for them.

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