What are some effective tips for Google Search or Googling?

What are some effective tips for Google Search or Googling

Sounds interesting that almost everything is easily available on the internet, and Google has been considered one of the best search engines and the way people use it in order to search for information. However, when we talk about searching things on Google, there are still lots of people who do not know how to effectively and properly search things on Google.

Without any doubt, this is the fact that searching for things on Google or Googling is an art that everyone needs to learn.



To find the right answers, you always need to ask the right questions. And to get the proper answers quickly, you must be aware of how to type queries in the Google search. Everyone should spend some quality time learning effective tips for Google Search or googling and tricks in order to get desired search results.

Read this article and explore some effective tips that will help you in your Google search.

Top 9 effective tips for Google Search

1. Use the Google tab:


Use the Google tab


The very first and most important tips for Google Search is to properly use the Google tabs for searching anything on Google. On the top of the search are a proper number of tabs. However, you will be able to see Images, the Web, News, and a lot more. Properly using these pin tabs, you can easily state and define what kind of search you are planning to do.

If you are searching for any kind of image then you can simply use the Image tab option and get the desired images. In case you are just looking for some most recent news articles, then you can simply use the News tab and get the desired results, rather than unnecessary stuff.

It is many rudimentary and maximum people already use the tabs properly. If you are not among them, then it is highly suggested to get proper associated with them. It will definitely reduce search times just in case if utilized properly.

2. Use proper quote:

Whenever you use Google in order to search for something specific, make sure to try using proper quotes in order to reduce the guess results for Google search. Whenever you put any of your search requirements in quotes, it clearly tells the search engine to just search for the whole phrase.

For example, if you search for Persian cats Sweaters, the search engine will start searching for all content that mainly contains those target three words in any possible order.



This is a pro tips for Google Search whenever you use Google for searching anything, make sure to write proper quotes and stuff that you are really looking for. If you are looking for articles, blogs images, or news related to that quote then make sure to select the specific tab.

3. Search using your voice


. Search using your voice


Google is such a game-changer. Its advanced feature makes searches much simple and more interesting. You can select the mic option of Google and can speak to Google for your search. For example, if you want to search about, “How to pronounce XYZ”, then simply click the mic and speak to Google, it will understand your request and will show the searches accordingly.

4. Find other sites on Google

On Google, you can search for various things from other sites as well. Just take an example and say that you have a favorite website. It can be any website about anything. However, if that website may be getting a little bit boring and you really want to find other websites like this then you would simply use this trick. Below is the syntax that you can insert in the Google search bar:

Related: amazon.com

If you put this syntax and click on search then you won’t find a direct link to Amazon. However, you will be able to find some links to other online stores that are much similar to Amazon. Websites like Noble & Barnes, Best Buy, and some others usually sell physical items online. It’s a very powerful Google search tool that can simply help you find various new sites to browse.

5. Use a colon to search any site

There may be some possibilities and conditions where you will most probably need to Google search for various articles, blogs, or content from another target website. Then make sure to add this syntax. It is very simple and it will help Google to show desired results, simply add,

Sidney Crosby site: nhl.com

This will properly search for all related content about very famous hockey player Sidney Crosby, but only from NHL.com. Instead of this, all other search results will be eliminated or removed. If you need to simply find any specific content through a specific site then this is the shortcut you can easily use.



6. Search for multiple things at once

Google search is very flexible. It knows very well that you may not find what you really want by just searching for any single word or phrase. Thus, it allows you to confidently search for multiple things and words at the same time.

By using this pro tips for Google Search, you can easily search for a single word or any phrase along with any second word or long phrase. This can positively help reduce your search struggle and help you easily find exactly what you are really asking and looking for.

7. Keep your search phrase simple

Now we are moving toward very basic and general tips for Google Search that you need to follow in order to search things very effectively. Make sure to use simple language and write exactly what you are looking for. Don’t try to confuse search engines by adding a complex phrase. Writer accurate and very simple thing that Google will positively analyze and bring exact results.

Google will understand what actually you want to see and this will bring the exact same results. You can turn on your device location if you want to find any location or address.



8. Gradually add more search terms

There will come some random situations when Google search does not shovel out the accurate result that you could expect. In this condition, you need to keep this in your mind that make sure to keep it in a very simple way may not be the only option.

As Google itself recommends, the best way is to simply start with something easier and then gradually try to search for some complicated ones. Like you can see the example below:

    • First, make sure to just try: job interviews
    • Second try to search for: prepare for job interviews
    • Third try: how to quickly prepare for a job interview

This will gradually filter and upgrade the search to bring you some more targeted terms. The reason you should never go straight from the very first try to the advance means the third try is just because you may really going to miss what you are actually looking for by randomly skipping the second step.

A number of websites phrase the exact same information in a number of possible ways, using this smart technique helps you to easily search as many of them as possible to easily find the best information.


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